Blythe Reroot

I'm not really into dolls but I do like trying new things so I thought I'd try customizing a blythe fakie for fun. I started off with a reroot because I like pretty fibers!!

I bought a rubber scalp from Cool Cat and used about 1oz of pink lilac ombre teeswater locks from LiaRiabaRussa and 1.2oz of purple wensleydate locks from PinkLambUK!

I really like the texture and the width of the locks as they are so I didn't want to brush them out or make the plugs much smaller.

Thatching the partline.

I wanted to keep the length so I did the knot method and used a rooting tool to make all the holes and then I pulled the strands through with a 1.30mm crochet hook.

Now I need to change the eye chips and paint the eyelids. I might try carving the face and changing the eyelashes some other time.

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