Hair Adventures Part 2

If you missed the first roundup, then here's a link to see my first hair colors. I'll start listing off the dyes I've used in the past.

Blue Velvet topped off with leftover RAW Deep Purple.

These dark dyes are AMAZING. They seem to last forever even when I put lots of conditioner in the dye. Darker dyes last longer because sometimes it could go on practically "black" then fades out to a vivid color then goes faded/dull.

Note: Purple -based blues go on dark and take a while to fade out bright blue. Green-based blues are lighter and will fade out green quicker. Think Punky's Lagoon Blue.

Ion Brights Red.

My first experience using this brand! I was so excited to use a bright demi dye from Ion. It's around $5 in store compared to those $12+ jars of Manic Panic. I wrote up a full review. :3 Highly recommended!

Salon Color
I don't know the exact brand but it was such an awesome red done by my friend, Emma! Ion Brights faded to this hot pink.

Ion Demi 3RV Burgundy Brown

My favorite burgundy color!  This color looked dark brown and red in brighter lighting conditions. It lasted a few weeks before it had faded to the previous bright red. It really helped blend my overgrowth.  I think I had about 4-5 months worth of dark roots. /lazy

Special Effects Burgundy Wine
Even though Ion was a Demi dye (just deposits, no need for the developer), I still prefer just using semi dyes! Burgundy Wine came out to be a purple-toned red on me and I used it to touch up the fading root area. It was pretty good.

Special Effects Blue Velvet over red

Diluted some Blue Velvet to get this result on the ends. It came out to a very dark purple that had to be shampooed to lighten.  Purple is one of my favorite colors.

Bleached slightly

I wanted an ombre but didn't want too much damage. I did a diluted bleach bath. I actually liked the peach but the pink only got brighter instead of lightening up.

Ion Brights Teal

I faded the previous red out using this method and used this teal on top of it. There were uneven sections but a redye fixed that up. I used a brighter green dye pictured below.

Punky's Alpine Green
I'm surprised at how well this dye covered the icky bits. It's such a pretty green on top. I couldn't decide if I wanted to dye it all green or go a blue teal. I love them both!

 I'll love to do more dye reviews in the near future  My hair seems to hold color so well that I'm not sure if I should write up reviews because an average person's color lasts around 4-6 weeks while mine could go on forever. ~Curly Girl Method for life~

Timestamp: 5/13/2014


Darn Good Yarn of The Month Review - April 2018

This is my first time trying out the Darn Good Yarn Club Monthly Subscription. It's only $10 + shipping. Each box contains a skein of premium yarn, a knit & crochet pattern, and a mystery gift. I also decided to add-on a mystery item worth $15.

Here is what I received in my box:

I placed my order in the middle of March and received my box at the end of April. I received an email at the beginning of April about a customs delay for one of the items in the box so that's why it was so late. A+ for communication. 

As for the goodies, I really like the colors of both of the yarns. I'm not so much a fan of silk in general but since it's recycled I'm more okay with using it. I think the yarn would also be great for weaving or for making dream catchers. 

I like the ombre look of the knitting needles and the crochet hook. Getting a set of both is a huge plus considering most other boxes cater to only one craft but the actual quality of the wood just seems so-so.

I didn't receive any patterns in my box so unfortunately can't review on that. Besides that, this box is definitely a good value if you like specialty and recycled yarns. I'm going to continue my subscription for a few more months before deciding if I'll actually be able to make use of what I receive in these boxes or not.


Cute Finds: All Black Everything


Purple hair using Pravana Vivids and Arctic Fox

A few weeks ago, I attempted to go purple with Pravana! I wasn't expecting much because I had dyed my hair black last year with a permanent dye then used Arctic Fox's Transylvania when it had faded. It was months since I had last dyed it and it did fade but black dye is still the devil. I knew it wasn't going to be easy.

I used Color Oops first which resulted in patches of brown and lighter ends. The bleaching came out uneven as I expected and I already had backup purple dyes to use. I was going to cover the top with a blue toned purple (Special Effects) because it was darker. My ends were a mix of a pinky light brown so I went with a pink toned purple.

It was only temporary until I could redo it later. I had to go to work so having only two off days is just not enough time to do hair and have it look presentable if you're in-between bleaching sessions lol

Pravana Vivids Violet

I started the fading process using the basic mask shown in that link. I wanted to do a diluted lift without the use of developer. I applied coconut oil all over my head and left it in for 1 hour. I mixed 4 oz of bleach powder only with clarifying shampoo (forum post) and concentrated it on the top of my head mostly! I left it in for around 25 minutes.

I was nervous about lifting the purple out because it was going to go green and that could be a pain to cover.

This time I used Arctic Fox's Purple Dreams with a drop of Punky's Red Wine.

It looked more bright on top but I really wanted a vivid even toned deep purple.  I'm super picky about the kind of purple I want since I've tried many different shades of dyes. I had the opportunity weeks after to actually lift it completely and I'm already a different color.

The lesson is: do not use black permanent dyes. Go for dark brown dye because it always comes out darker anyway.


Bad Habit: Artistry swatches (Mario Palette Dupe!)

Bad Habit Artistry palette
I own nearly all of the Bad Habit palettes! I'm loving all of these dupes because it's so affordable. Artistry is a dupe of the ABH Mario palette. This is a mostly neutral colored palette with 9 shimmer shades and only 3 mattes. I had to get this because of Siren and the warm satin shades. As I already mentioned with the other palettes, their mattes need some work.

Bad Habit Artistry palette
Bad Habit Artistry palette

I swatched the shades and blended it out with my finger. It's my preference for swatches. The shimmers are high pigmented off one swipe. The color selection is neutral and earth tones. I like that you get a dark blue (Siren) and rust green (Laurel). It's not too intense!  Daphne is my favorite highlight shade for the

Tuscany and Mona need to be packed on in order to retain the color. I had to swipe twice for these and blend it a little more so it wasn't looking patchy. These could be possibly difficult shades to work with if you're a beginner and you don't have a variety of eye brushes to use. I often have to use a flat brush or my finger to reapply the mattes. Sometimes using soft brushes will blend it out too much. Always remember to just blend the edges only. I use a small fluffy brush for this!

Bad Habit Artistry palette swatches
Bad Habit Artistry swatches

It's worth a buy if you're looking for an earth-toned shimmer palette since it's only $12.

Remember to download the Hush app and click the daily challenge to earn points towards your purchases. Download here: iOS or Android

Any new palette launches will only be available through their app.

Are you interested in makeup from Hush? What have you tried from them already?


Colourpop: All I See Is Magic and You Had Me At Hello

Colourpop Palettes swatches

I recently ordered Colourpop's palettes in All I See Is Magic and You Had Me At Hello. Both are cruelty-free. It was tempting to get more but I was trying to be realistic because I doubt I'll really use certain colors and shimmers. I've only mentioned Colourpop's Ultra Mattes here when it first came out. As for powder products, I only used one of their eyeshadows and a blush which I ended up hating both. I couldn't get good pigment off those using a brush. I even scratched the top off but it was very weird and applied chalky.

I only had one palette before but during the past few months, I've managed to try out other brands for eyeshadows. I decided to give Colourpop a chance due to a recommendation and it was on sale!

Colourpop All I See Is Magic palette

I was super drawn to that green shade but JUST KIDDING it's really a liar. It's a metallic brown with a teal duochrome. I'm slowly branching out to shimmer shades and thought this palette would have the best color selections for neutral, holiday looks.

My favorite shades are Top Notch (medium warm brown matte), Now & Zen (white gold pearl), T-Cup (mauve matte) Go Wish (light warm yellow matte) and Twinkle Toes (gold brown metallic). I do like the mattes more! Even the orange shade applies so smoothly but I don't know how to make that color work on me yet.

These shadows apply soft like in the Tarte palette: Clay Play Face Shaping.  Sometimes I'll dip my brush in again to keep the pigment up because of my preference for soft brushes. These would have better color payoff with firm ones. This palette retails for $20. I honestly wouldn't have ordered this if it weren't on sale. I paid near $15 which is more fitting.

Colourpop All I See Is Magic palette Colourpop All I See Is Magic palette

The swatches are really high pigmented! I thought I was going to like this palette more but You Had Me At Hello wins for me.

Colourpop You Had Me At Hello palette
Colourpop You Had Me At Hello palette
Colourpop You Had Me At Hello swatches

My top favorite shades are Moon Struck (warm gold frost) and The Knot (warm peach frost). I like to apply this in the center of my lid since I've got slightly hooded eyes.

Other shades I like are Look See (berry matte), Winning Ticket (warm plum matte) and FBO (warm plum pearl). I'm really into mauves, plum and purples lately. The rest of the matte shadows perform really well. These powders are really soft and blend out evenly. This palette retails for $18. Still believe in holding out for sales because really, Colourpop??  If the color selection is your favorite, then go for it! The plus side to this palette is the mirror and the other palette doesn't have one for some reason.

Both of these have shadows that have lasted 8 hours on me with an eye primer.

What products would you recommend from Colourpop?

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