Watercolor Logo Design

I recently tried doing some hand-drawn watercolor stuff for logos. I want to paint more so I figured I'd try it instead of making vectors in Illustrator.

It's a bit faster since I'm more comfortable drawing on paper than on a tablet. For my vectors, I don't use a tablet or a mouse to draw them. I always use the touchpad on my laptop. I've been doing it for so many years that I just can't get the hang of using a mouse again or anything else.

Here's a watercolor design I made for Cottage Knits & Crochet. She wanted it to have a beach cottage feel with blue hydrangeas and shells.

Now I'm coming up with more ideas for some premade logos for Minty Fox Designs! I really want to paint one with a yarn theme. And maybe a kitty one... oh, and succulents.

Ami-Along 2016

Ami-Along is starting again this year! It's a 2 month long event for amigurumi lovers and will take place on Ravelry from June 27th to August 31st 2016. Make amigurumi from the eligible patterns from the participating designers, join in discussions & make new friends, and play forum games.

By making an amigurumi from a paid pattern, your finished amigurumi will get you a chance at winning a prize. There are many great digital pattern prizes and some physical prizes! If you’d like to buy paid patterns, there’ll be a special sale running (offered by all participating designers) - 25% off all patterns. Just use the code AMIALONG2016 in your Ravelry cart! The code is valid from June 27th to July 3rd 2016.

Link to the list of all participating patterns are here: http://www.ravelry.com/bundles/patterns-eligible-for-2016
These are free and paid amigurumi patterns designed by participating designers. All free and paid ami patterns can take part.

Check out the group for more information.

Free Pattern: Cute Little Bunny Amigurumi


Hello! A new free amigurumi pattern! It's a cute little spring bunny I started on a while ago. I'm not sure how long it's been hibernating. It's been in my WIP bag for maybe a year or three...

It's a simple design that can be customized and it has a cute granny square body! The bunny is about 6.5" tall. I used Loops & Threads Impeccable in brown and black, Vanna's Choice Baby in pink, and Caron Simply Soft in soft green. 

If you make this bunny, please add a project on Ravelry or Craftsy so I can see it! <3

Download PDF

Made in March 2014.

Trying Fiverr for fun!

I've known about Fiverr for years but I never bought anything on there because at the time I mostly just remembered seeing weird gigs like "I'll put your shop name on this sign in the middle of nowhere for $5!".

So I just thought about the site recently because my pattern shops are going through some sloooow months. I set up my own gigs for graphic design and helping people with their blogs or shops. I got an order for a logo design within a week of adding my gig.

I just submit to buyer requests everyday. (I wish they still had this kind of thing on Etsy though, don't even remember what it was called!) That seems to be the best way for new sellers to get their first orders & reviews.

For me, I think it's a great way to get to practice being more social... like working with clients and trying to figure out what they actually want. And learning how to not get butthurt when they don't really like it!

Here's a few logos that I've done in the past weeks:

I also try to help Etsy shops owners by promoting their shops and improving their SEO & marketing strategies. It's usually easy for me to look at a shop and see why it's not getting views or sales. 

It's interesting that some people think they just have to upload their items, forget about it, and it'll sell themselves. But it's also pretty funny giving advice to people and I don't really even follow it myself (because I'm lazy or just not great at sharing my personal life).

Now I just might actually put more effort into advertising my own Etsy shops... (but not right now now, of course.)

So have you tried anything new or different lately?

Crocheting In One Loop Only for Both Loop Patterns

I've had some testers crochet my amigurumi patterns (that are done in both loops) in the back loop only. Some were under the impression that doing one loop only wouldn't alter the overall size or proportions.

But as you can see in these crocheted row swatches, working in one loop only will make the stitches taller than working in both loops. (Stitches look a bit different when working in the round but the size difference is still about the same!)

single crochet through both loops (sc), single crochet through front loop only (sc flo) and single crochet through back loop only (sc blo).

(Photo/Caption Credit: Annette Petavy)

If you want to crochet a both loops pattern in one loop only, you might want to do less rounds/rows to get the same proportions/size as specified in the pattern. But look over the pattern first because some designs use sc blo for certain features.

Check out the Mini Pig Amigurumi made in both loops only:

And haleybun's made in the back loops only:

Do you prefer crocheting in back loops only or both loops (or even the front loops only?!) I've always liked how both loops looked on amigurumi but I've been trying to do more back loops only projects... mostly because I can finish them a little faster since the rounds are taller ;)

Made in June 2013.

Amigurumi Crochet Color Change Tips

Color Change Decreases:

When you get to the decrease rounds of a piece that that has color changes in the middle of the work (e.g. a penguin), you might need to decrease when you get to one stitch before the color change:

You can just move the decrease somewhere else but this may be troublesome if you need to increase evenly or do shaping. You can also decrease the next two stitches using the current color and then switch colors afterwards but that might look weird depending on the design.

I like to change the color in the middle of the decrease. Pick up the first loop with your current color and then pick up the next loop in with your new color:

I do these decreases through both loops:

If you do invisible decreases, it doesn't look as neat because the next stitch's loop will peak through:

Balanced Increase/Decrease Color Changes Rounds:

When doing decrease (or increase) rounds with color changes, you can also do the instructions about halfway through the round and then mirror it for the rest of the stitches to make it more balanced:

*Sc2tog, sc 3* x3, *sc 3, sc2tog* x3.

You can't line up the color changes 100% when working in spirals since the stitches shift over but doing this will help the decrease rounds look better.

Crocheting Over Yarn Ends:

Instead of cutting the yarn and tying knots or carrying over long floats of the colors, just crochet over the ends! It can be more convenient when you're doing a lot of color changes.

Also, if you don't cut the yarn of the old color when crocheting over the ends and your next color change is that color, you'll have it ready to go:

Here the 4th black stitch is being worked and the next color change is beige. The black yarn is dropped and the beige yarn that was crocheted over gets hooked to complete the stitch. 



I hope this helps! I'm also working on a jogless stripes tutorial post.

Made in May 2013.