Fitness: BBG Month 2

There were some struggles this month since I wasn't feeling up to exercise. Instead of working out every single day, I did take 1-2 days off as rest breaks and fit the workouts in my own schedule. The motivation was starting to die down since I'm already so close to my old fit weight. I eased back on the strict healthy eating since I mostly wanted to do it for a headstart!

Counting calories eventually slowed down. I'll usually just log in some things to get an estimate for my protein intake but I stuck with intuitive eating. I managed to get the flu and I took a week off for recovery. It was so difficult to get back into a routine because I felt so weak.

The routines were okay until Week 6 (full body) happened! It was super intense since I decided to increase my weights by 3-5lbs. I'm noticing an improvement with arm strength! I'm able to do 3x as many reps in one go instead of doing low reps and mini breaks. Week 8's Legs & Cardio routine actually made my legs too sore for about 3 days. Of course, Week 9 starts with a leg day so that's nice... -_-

Start 6/3/2018:
Heaviest weight: 132lbs
Bust: 36"
Waist: 29"
Butt: 37"
Stomach: 34"

Pre-training 6/18/2018: 
Weight: 124-125lbs
Bust: 36"
Waist: 28"
Butt: 36"
Stomach: 31.5"

Month 1 7/17/2018:
Weight: 122 lbs
Bust: 35"
Waist: 27.5"
Butt: 37.5"
Stomach: 31"

Month 2 8/21/2018:
Weight: 118-119lbs
Bust: 34.5"
Waist: 27"
Butt: 36"
Stomach: 30"

I maintained my hip measurement for 3 months but now I lost an inch. It's interesting to document all of these changes. I temporarily had booty gains last month and now it's gone!

Equipment used:

CAP 15lbs dumbbells
Kettlebell 20lbs

I'm still using the exercise bike. Sometimes I rode for 45-90 minutes. I would average 12 "miles" within 45 minutes. 


Favorite Gothic Rings

Valencia is my top favorite ring ever. I was tempted to buy it for myself at one point even though it's marketed as an engagement ring lol. I love the white gold the most with the black rhodium bat. There's another one within the same price range and it's rose gold.

This is another ring from Sapphire Studios! I originally saw Prism first on Facebook. It's a Sailor Moon styled ring. I think it looks best as white/yellow gold or white/rose gold. I do find the full white gold pretty but the extra color really makes the details stand out.

I randomly came across this Emerald Bat Ring and love it. It's more on the affordable end when comparing to the above rings. This one is made to order due to the details that need hand sculpting.

I love this purple and black ring from Alien Forms Jewelry. It's also availabe in other gemstones.

This blood red garnet ring has 4 skulls surrounding the stone. It's from the shop KIPKALINKA. It looks pretty from all angles. Sometimes rings that have skulls on it look too bulky.It also has various stone shapes and colors available!

"Till Death do us Part" ring has a black stone being held by skeleton fingers. The metail is available in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold!

Vidar Boutique has so many flower engagement rings with different band styles and various color combinations. This ring has a more simple band compared to the others. Some of the leaf designs are very detailed.. This shop has lots of rose gold options!

Another unique bat ring! This one is called Nocturne. It's a made to order item so you can choose the metal, finish and gemstones. Both bat heads have a stone in the mouth too.


Vegan Goth Bags & Wallets

Here are my favorite finds for black, goth inspired bags and wallets!

I've never been a fan of those tiny backpacks so this really appeals to me. It's not super huge and the size still makes it more portable than lugging around a beast on your back. I'm really drawn to the lace!

Black and purple with a batwing design? YES. This clutch has a built-in makeup mirror and a large interior compartment. It has a removable strap as well as a back zipper compartment.

Avelina De Moray offers "Lay-Buy" for her international customers (like the US) and you can split payments across 2 months. Below is another product from her website:

This item is on my wishlist right now. The second round for preorders has started and it will go into production after hitting 75 preorders. A change that isn't pictured is the interior zipper's color will be black. I love the variety of materials used. It has PU leather, matte leather, and black velvet. My favorite part is on the inside. It's lined with red suede leather, has a photo ID section, many card slots and a zipper portion for coins.

The shape of the bag is cute. It has that coin purse clasp at top. It has moon shaped hardware and a black bow at the top. This comes with a detachable strap.

This has multiple compartments for cards and cash. It's all black and has a classic shape. The only hardware would be the heart in the center and the studs.

This bag is 8.2 by 5.9 inches. You can choose to order it with a chain, strap or both. In order to maintain the design of the bag, the closure flap has velcro. If you don't want velcro, apparently you could contact them about it.

Chandeliers and Spiders Handbag
The colored fabric on the bag is made of cotton. The rest of the bag has vinyl and the interior is black cotton. It has pockets on the side and a zippered pocket inside. I like the diamond rivets to secure the handles in.


Fitness: BBG Month 1

The first month has been completed! I've been doing BBG for 8 weeks already. This wasn't too bad. Just when you get used to the routine, it gets harder. I surprisingly didn't get much soreness but that might be a result of taking protein powder.  Leg days were always horrible for me but I prefer those days over arms now because my legs don't feel like falling off. I'm going to add in my stats below so it's easy to track from the beginning to each month. If you missed the results from pre-training then click here.

Heaviest weight: 132lbs
Waist: 29"
Stomach: 34"

Pre-training 6/18/2018: 
Weight: 124-125lbs
Waist: 28"
Stomach: 31.5"

Month 1 7/17/2018:
Weight: 122 lbs:
Waist: 27.5"
Stomach: 31"

I've lost 1" off my bust, legs, and arms. 
A total of 10 pounds down! I did drop about 5 pounds within the first week.  Since that time, there has been at least 1 pound loss every week and then maintaining it off. I've probably hit a plateau for now at 122lbs but I'm not actively trying to lose more. I'm not counting calories since I have a good idea how much I'm eating now.

I'm not sure what my goals will be. I don't really care for the number on the scale but I'll like to lower my body fat a tad more to see if abs can come through. I'm planning to go heavier with lifting soon. BBG is really good for shedding fat off so I don't want to focus on lifting gains too much. I remember this program got really hard towards the end.

The main difference has been my stomach. I've gotten a better handle on my bloating. Pants no longer feel constricting so that's the best part for me. I used to hate getting dressed for work! I'm not expecting much with other areas yet. I still have 2 more months to go so I'm assuming there will be more loss coming up.

Squats were becoming too easy for me so I contacted X Bands to place an order for only two of their resistance bands. I got 15lb and 30lb bands. I use the 15lbs for most squat moves for an extra challenge.

I did measure myself occasionally and at one point my butt went up to 37.5"-38" before dropping back to 37" lol

I've always had weak arms so my goal was to go hard this round. I increased the weights to 12lbs from 8lbs. I didn't want to do modified versions, especially with push-ups. By the end of Week 4, I was able to do more reps at one time instead of breaking it up. I could barely get in 4 pushups in a row without my arms killing me. Now I'm able to do more and sometimes up to 10. The same thing happened with burpees! I remember being so out of breath after a couple and having to take a second before resuming.

*I'm holding the 12lb dumbbells at my sides when I do lunges and knee ups.*


I've been biking as my form of LISS. I was worried about not finding an upright bike that would work for my height. I'm barely 5'2" and I can reach the pedals fine on the lowest settings. It even has a remote control holder that you place in the center but I usually put my phone in there. I always try to aim for the same amount of miles every time within 45 minutes.


Amazon Finds: Black Everything

This measures 7" width x 6" height. It has a 3.5" depth.

This is tempting to get for extra storage for other items

Dishwasher and microwave safe 15 oz mug

This looks super cute with the embroidery. It's faux leather ♥

It looks cute. Not sure how comfortable those handles would be haha This is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

This is a huge zipper pouch. Based on the reviews, it supposedly fits 8 x 10 papers!

There's only one left in stock. Check out their canvas tote here.

I love No Face! You can scroll down and view similar items to find it for your phone

4 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set
This set is actually translucent instead of being solid black. 
"Good Luck" Cat Pin
For Black Friday and allllll the days!
"Not A Ghost, Just Dead Inside" shirt
What have you found on Amazon? Share it in the comments!


Everyday Makeup

This is my go-to everyday makeup look. I usually swap out lip products and stick with the same products for everything else. I went overboard with all of the nonstop sales. It was easy to keep up with it thanks to r/MUAontheCheap. I also used CouponCabin for all my cashback! If you have Chase bank accounts, you can shop through them as well for your Sephora purchases. I recently bought from Ulta and Tarte for the first time. I managed to pick up so many things that I ended up loving and will have to wait to repurchase because paying full price sucks. I'm all for those savings.

List of products!

NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Black
ABH Dipbrow in Granite

I had trichotillomania for a large chunk of my life so I relied on gel liners and later Dipbrow to create eyebrows. Now I'm able to use a brow pencil for the first time and NYX is my top pick!

Two Faced eyeshadow primer
ABH Modern Renaissance in Raw Sienna, Cyprus Umber, Primavera and Vermeer
Essence Lash Princess mascara
Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes mascara

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
The Ordinary Coverage Foundation in 2.0YG
Tarte Shape Tape in Light Sand
Lisa Frank x Glamour Dolls- Bronzer
NYX blush in Soft Spoken
Tarte highlighter in Exposed
Makeup Revolution - Luxury Banana powder
NYX Matte Setting Spray

Wet N Wild catsuit liquid lipstick in Berry Recognize

I was unaware of ABH releasing more shades for Dipbrow. Mainly because this product takes forever and a day to use up completely. I decided to go after the shade Granite and I really love it! I also wanted to try ABH's brow pencil but after seeing how little product is in that thing... I passed.

I ordered NYX's micro brow pencil instead and it's amazing how I don't need a powder to set it. I'm really loving brands that come out with black shades. No charcoal grays or dark browns because nope, my eyebrows are still dark and black. I can't use shades that are medium brown/red/gray without it looking extremely odd.

As for mascaras, I've tried many recently. I'll probably make a separate post about that. My favorite natural looking one is Tarte's Lights, Cameras, Splashes. The wand is great for giving some length and spreading the lashes apart so I use this one first. I top it off with my absolute favorite, Essence's Lash Princess. I can see a huge difference in thickness. It adds some extra length but provides that thick darkness I wish Tarte had. I wish the Essence mascara was waterproof!

I've always heard great things about Shape Tape but that price tag is so ridiculous. I managed to buy 2 for the price of 1. It's definitely the best concealer for my combination skin. It dries down so fast. Usually, other concealers remain wet looking then crease immediately. I've had to deal with concealers that would immediately crease a second time even after a touchup. I only got the shade Light Sand out of a recommendation for NC20ish skin but I'm probably in-between NC20-25. It looks really light but I suppose that's great for the purpose of highlighting the undereyes anyway?? (Edit: I eventually ordered Light Neutral and it matches my skin tone exactly).

What are your favorite daily makeup products?
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