This blog was founded by Crissy in late 2008. It began as a craft blog called "Candypow" and later evolved into Dainty Fawn. There's a variety of topics on here ranging from lifestyle, fashion, design, reviews, patterns, hair/wigs and love for geeky things. More coming soon!

NEWS IN 2015
Dainty Fawn is now run by Crissy and Amanda. We are identical twins.

NEWS IN 2016
Blog has been renamed to Tiny Moon to match our etsy/crochet work.

I'm Crissy. I'm a portrait/fashion photographer, Blogger designer and crafter. I'm into sci fi, supernatural, aliens, Pokemon & Sailor Moon. My Favorite podcasts are Tell 'Em Steve Dave and Smodcast. I have 2 dogs, need more~

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