This blog was founded by Crissy in late 2008. It began as Candypow where I could share low-quality images of my crafts and share bad patterns.  Since I was no longer 17 and wanted my blog to grow with me, I had changed the name to Dainty Fawn in 2013. Just two years later, my identical twin (Amanda) joined the blog. We were working on items for an Etsy shop I created so eventually I changed the blog name to match it. Tiny Moon is the final name change!

I'm Crissy. I used to be many things like a portrait/fashion photographer, blogger designer, and multiple Etsy shops owner. I've moved on to a less stressful life. I managed to turn all of my favorite hobbies into something horrible! Work.

I'm still very much into science fiction, horror, supernatural, paranormal, aliens and recently: conspiracy theories. I still play Pokemon and watch anime. My top favorite podcasts are Tell 'Em Steve Dave and Mile Higher Podcast.

I still have my puppers. Eevee (pictured) is now 7 years old!

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