This blog was founded by Crissy in late 2008. It began as Candypow with low-quality images of handmade crafts and bad patterns.  I changed the name to Dainty Fawn in 2013. Just two years later, my identical twin (Amanda) joined the blog. We soon rebranded to Tiny Moon since we joined shops.

Tiny Moon has not been on a regular posting schedule for years.

2021 UPDATE:

Since Tinypic and Photobucket went to hell, most of my older images are now dead and unrecoverable. I've taken down many posts since broken images are gross.

I started this blog when I was 13. I'm turning 30 this year.

My Etsy has been rebranded to Ami Moon shop

I'm Crissy. I used to be many things: fashion blogger, portrait and fashion photographer, blogger layout coder and graphic designer, and owner to several Etsy shops.

I've retired from photography and as a Blogger designer.

Dogs are life.

Bella passed away in 2020 🥺

I've had Eevee since a puppy. She's now 10 years old!

The newbies to the family:

Dax (approx 5yo) and Simon (approx 8yo)

Interests: Science Fiction, Horror, Supernatural, Paranormal, Aliens, History, Pokemon, Anime, Crochet, Knitting, Sewing, Fitness, Adopting dogs like pokemon cards

Favorite Podcasts:  Tell 'Em Steve Dave and Mile Higher Podcast.

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