Crochet Pattern: Crochet Slippers

Crochet Slipper Free Pattern

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Crochet Slipper Free Pattern


-Vanna's Choice yarn
-Scrap tiny yarn probably: fingering/sock/baby.

-I(or H) for the actual slipper
-G if you need a snug fit around & the back of the heel.
-10 (1.15mm) for the white circle button.

Follow the pattern for a US 7-7.5 fit.

People have said this pattern is too loose, try a smaller hook!  

Orange, I hook
Use a stitch marker.

-Chain 2.
1. 6 sc in first ch. Slip stitch to join.
2. Increase in each stitch.
3. 'Sc, inc' around.
4. 'Sc in next 2 sts, inc.' around
5. Single crochet around
6. Single crochet around
7. Single crochet around.
8. Single crochet around.
9. Single crochet around.
10. Single crochet around.
11. Single crochet around.
12. Single crochet around
(8 rounds)

Try on the piece and make sure it covers your toes nicely.  Crochet more or less rounds to fit. 

13. Decrease once, sc across to the corner. Decrease once in the next corner.

(X's showing each decrease.)

Tip: Fold the piece to find the corners. Wear it and put markers in.

*I crocheted 17 single crochets across to cover.  You want some material to go on top of your foot (the purple in the image). You don't want it to be too low. 

14. Sc once. Chain 1. Turn the piece and single crochet 17* times.
15. Turn. Chain 1. Sc across.
16. Repeat 'Turn. Chain 1. Sc across' until it covers the back of your heel.
(Mine: 19 rounds)

-Put the back sides together to form the heel and slip stitch it shut.

Skip the last slip stitch and pull the yarn through the hole to form that round/curved back shown in the left image.

Cut yarn. Attach yarn to the top and slip stitch twice in each hole to create an edging.

Make it more snug plz:

H or G hook:
I attached yarn at one side and crocheted across the heel:
Sc, dec across (3-4) and ended with a sc.

Extra (optional)
I hook, orange:
1. Ch 16, skip stitch. Hdc across.
2. Ch 1, hdc in each stitch.
3. Skip 2 sts, hdc across in each stitch.
4. Skip 2 sts, sc across in each stitch. Sl st.

G hook, blue edging:
1. Slip stitch twice into each hole. Slip stitch together.

Circle with a crochet hook- 10 1.15mm:
1. Ch 9. Join to form a ring. Ch 4 , Dc in ring, Ch1 11-12 times, Sl st to join.
2. Ch 1. * Sc in dc, Sc in ch-1 sp * repeat. sl st to join.

Skip all the extras and put on your slipper ( attach yarn in middle) and chain to other side for Mary Janes!

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  1. I love slippers and these are some I have to make! The crochet "button" is a super cute touch. *^_^*

  2. So cute! I am in a slipper making frenzy....making about 20 prs for coworkers gifts. I am definitely making some of your design! TYFS!

  3. Love the slippers! Is there a way to make them non-slip?

  4. I am brand new to this, I wear a size 8.5-9. How would I change the pattern to fit my larger feet? Thanks so much!

  5. @Anon You can try making a sole with suede fabric and stitching it on :]

    @A Beautiful Disaster

    When you begin the pattern and get to this part:

    "Sc 8 rounds
    Less or more rounds to cover toes!"

    Basically just try it on as you go. You can add more or less rounds to fit the width of your foot!

    Keep going til you reach this part
    "Repeat 19 times"
    That will be the length. As long as it touches your heel, it's good!

  6. I'm new to crochet slippers and need help following the pattern. Can you please help me? I love this pattern! At the beginning, the toe part...right after the 6 sc in the first ch....the pattern states, inc. Is that just one inc? Then sc, inc. But how many times? Then sc the next two st, inc. Is that how the next 8 rounds are to be stitched? You may be able to tell from my questions, how lost I am. I came up with a slipper that was way too large. But at least it looked like a slipper! If you can get me started out right, I think I can do the rest. Thanks.

  7. Each line is a round so
    inc in every stitch for that one.
    'Sc, Inc' around til you hit the stitch marker.
    Sc in every stitch for 8 rounds

    Definitely going to rewrite the pattern!

  8. Thank you so much for the clarifications. It is working out much better now.

  9. can you rewrit the pattern i love this slippers but i hard time undestanging the num of rows in the beginning and i dont see tne nom of rows thank you

  10. Edited! Is it better now?

    I also created a text only pattern here

  11. what is a decrease? what if i don't do a decrease? i'm confused!

  12. I love love loved these slippers and now I have done them but, I can make the up "band" with the blue! How can I learn to do it the hdc is looking HORRIBLE
    Please help!

  13. could you make a video? I didnt understand at all... even when you did your best to make it an easy explanation :'( they are really pretty!

  14. Your pattern seems to be easy but it;s very confising. Can you explain step 4? sc in next 2 sts, inc around....Ha?? no comprende. I love the shoes but cannot continue Agghh....

  15. 'Sc in next 2 sts, inc.' around

    "Single crochet in the next 2 stitches, increase' around.

    Similar to step 3.

  16. Hi, I'm a size 3 or maybe 2 and a half, how can I adjust to smaller shoes?

  17. Follow the pattern. There's instructions on how to adjust it to your feet as you go. You crochet around enough to cover your toes and continue it. Just "wear" it and adjust! :)

  18. Is there any way you can make me a pair of these? If so, how much would they cost?

  19. I don't think I can because I don't know your size D:

  20. Hey, what size shoe do you wear? I'm making these for my roommate and am trying to do so as quietly as possible.

  21. Thanks so much! these are super cute!

  22. Oh my gosh I've had my eye on these since you posted them...SO freaking cute! I haven't found any slipper pattern as cute as these. I'm just teaching myself how to crochet, so it's a little confusing, but I can't wait to whip up a pair as soon as possible! :) Thanks so much for the free pattern xx

  23. I need to know how many stitches ate at the end of
    Each row. This is how I check to make sure I am doing it right

  24. Thank you so much for this amazing pattern! I'm about halfway done with the first slipper and just had to post a comment here because I can tell that these are going to be the cutest slippers! :)

  25. You made my fav style shoe in my fav colour - I HAVE to make these! I'm a total newbie - youtube will teach me the stitches, but how much yarn do I need? I'm the same size as you.

  26. I just love the slippers and amazing site and blog. I wanted to know if you have to use the types of yarns suggested or can I uae another type of yarn abd still remain true to the pattern? Earlene Wallace :-)

  27. I just love your slippers. I want to know if I can use another type of yarn other than the type mentioned in the pattern and still remain true to the design. I already have some worsted weight yarn just the same colors that you used in the picture :-)

  28. I haven't done it yet but you couls try! I pit this up on ravelry so you could check out whst othera have uses :)

  29. Thank you for this pattern! I made myself a pair of slippers based on your pattern, although I made a few alterations, because I felt they were too loose for me. I added some decreasing rows along the edge to make them fit tighter and go up higher, and exchanged your cute button idea with a simple flower. Here's how they turned out https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/1383459_10202209109333817_1146350423_n.jpg

    1. OOH I like your color choices! It came out lovely!! :D

  30. I am confused too. Row 2 says increase, row 3 says sc increase. So what is the difference in the stitch from row 2 to 3? I need a video :/

  31. Row 3 says "single crochet, increase in the next st" around :)

  32. Me encantaron. Te felicito por tan hermoso trabajo. ��


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