Manic Panic's Ultra Violet over bright pink hair

I used Special Effects Pimpin Purple recently and within a month or two it faded to this crazy hot pink!  It's so vibrant and not for me lol

I decided to try to cover it with a different brand of purple this time. My idea is that it will fade better with a purple that is more blue based.  I went with 2.5 jars of Manic Panic's Ultra Violet.  I washed it out in 3 hours and got this awesomeness:

I used the leftover 1/2 jar mixed with conditioner and washed it out in a hour. So much better!!

It looks like it has pink highlights

Update:  I have a guide on how to bleach your hair safely using coconut oil!   Bleach and dye in the same day as long as your hair is completely dry before applying dye.

Amigurumi + Happy Holidays!

Penguin Amigurumi
Penguin Amigurumi
First amigurumi with color changes! I was thinking of sharing the pattern but it's currently all over the place and might not make sense.

Penguin Bag
Penguin bag! WIP~ ish  because I have no zipper or fabric to line it :(

Pink Penguin Amigurumi Purple Penguin Amigurumi Purple Penguin Amigurumi
Those were attempts at doing yarn knots for eyes. Trying to save my safety eyes for Squittles!

Happy Holidays!

First handmade cowl

I got it done in about 3 days.  I do some knitting but I tend to stick to crochet.  This probably had a length of 10 inches. Now I'll love to move on to doing a scarf. Maybe infinity?

Panda Octopus Amigurumi {design}

I'm really happy with this design!  I wanted to do a mix of octopus with other animals for awhile so I started with a panda bear :)

Pretty Knit Bows

I decided to make these cute knit bows using the pattern from Knitted Fox Trot! I just put a bobby pin through it to secure it on. There's a picture of a pink one I made in crochet. :D

Oh! My hair is faded SFX Pimpin Purple if you're wondering. :)

The method for these curls are my go-to! 

Use a 1 1/4 curling iron on a medium setting, don't use the clamp and wrap each section of hair around. Hold for 10-20 seconds depending on the thickness.  Immediately twirl the hair and roll it up like you're doing pin curls. Secure in place! Do it all over, spray it if you like and wait 2-4 hours.  Bouncy curls that last 2-3 days!

Free Crochet Slippers Pattern

Crochet Slipper Free Pattern

Feel free to pin :)


Crochet Slipper Free Pattern


-Vanna's Choice yarn
-Scrap tiny yarn probably: fingering/sock/baby.

-I(or H) for the actual slipper
-G if you need a snug fit around & the back of the heel.
-10 (1.15mm) for the white circle button.

Follow the pattern for a US 7-7.5 fit.

People have said this pattern is too loose, try a smaller hook!  

Orange, I hook
Use a stitch marker.

-Chain 2.
1. 6 sc in first ch. Slip stitch to join.
2. Increase in each stitch.
3. 'Sc, inc' around.
4. 'Sc in next 2 sts, inc.' around
5. Single crochet around
6. Single crochet around
7. Single crochet around.
8. Single crochet around.
9. Single crochet around.
10. Single crochet around.
11. Single crochet around.
12. Single crochet around
(8 rounds)

Try on the piece and make sure it covers your toes nicely.  Crochet more or less rounds to fit. 

13. Decrease once, sc across to the corner. Decrease once in the next corner.

(X's showing each decrease.)

Tip: Fold the piece to find the corners. Wear it and put markers in.

*I crocheted 17 single crochets across to cover.  You want some material to go on top of your foot (the purple in the image). You don't want it to be too low. 

14. Sc once. Chain 1. Turn the piece and single crochet 17* times.
15. Turn. Chain 1. Sc across.
16. Repeat 'Turn. Chain 1. Sc across' until it covers the back of your heel.
(Mine: 19 rounds)

-Put the back sides together to form the heel and slip stitch it shut.

Skip the last slip stitch and pull the yarn through the hole to form that round/curved back shown in the left image.

Cut yarn. Attach yarn to the top and slip stitch twice in each hole to create an edging.

Make it more snug plz:

H or G hook:
I attached yarn at one side and crocheted across the heel:
Sc, dec across (3-4) and ended with a sc.

Extra (optional)
I hook, orange:
1. Ch 16, skip stitch. Hdc across.
2. Ch 1, hdc in each stitch.
3. Skip 2 sts, hdc across in each stitch.
4. Skip 2 sts, sc across in each stitch. Sl st.

G hook, blue edging:
1. Slip stitch twice into each hole. Slip stitch together.

Circle with a crochet hook- 10 1.15mm:
1. Ch 9. Join to form a ring. Ch 4 , Dc in ring, Ch1 11-12 times, Sl st to join.
2. Ch 1. * Sc in dc, Sc in ch-1 sp * repeat. sl st to join.

Skip all the extras and put on your slipper ( attach yarn in middle) and chain to other side for Mary Janes!

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