Penguin Amigurumi

Penguin Amigurumi
Penguin Amigurumi
This is my first amigurumi with color changes. I had thought about sharing the pattern here but it's kind of a mess to explain and type out. I might make a few more to see if I could correct the unevenness first since it's a bit off.

Penguin Bag
I also made a penguin pouch thing but I couldn't fully complete it since I had no fabric to line it or a zipper. I'll keep it as a side project for now.

Pink Penguin Amigurumi
These penguins don't have the color changes that the first one does. These are more basic! You start with one color and then switch to other. The arms look more like floppy ears haha.
Purple Penguin Amigurumi Purple Penguin Amigurumi
Those were my attempts at doing yarn knots for eyes since I'm trying to save my safety eyes for Squittles!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Dude, your talents are endless. Have an awesome super holiday! :D


  2. The one in pink is adorable! Just so cute! Great work!!!


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