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I've always loved bright eye makeup looks but never really put time into experimenting with it. I'm terrible at blending and coming up with a shape that works for my eye. If you can't tell, my eyes are slightly hooded and it's really apparent if I try to do a cat eye look. There's limited lid space that can actually be seen if my eyes are open.

All of these makeup looks use the same shadows from the Coastal Scents 252 palette.

So far I'm using Primer Potion and concealer to get the colors to pop more. It looks alright with flash but it'll be nice to have an intense color for in the real world wear!

I heard of good thing about NYX's jumbo eye pencil in milk. It's been a few years though so is there something better/still cheap?

FOTD- Face Of The Day

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  1. The last look is my favorite:D And I love your hair! You really rock those vibrant colors!

  2. I think the first and last looks go really well with your current hair color :)

  3. I really love these looks, and I think you are really good at applying make up, I could never get my eyeshadow to look like this. My favourite look is the first one, the colours of the eyeshadows used go really well with your hair colour xx

  4. I like all the colors you are using :) I am normally too lazy to put effort in my make-up..



  5. Ooo I like the last one. Very nice! I am rubbish when it comes to doing make up especially eye make up. I can't even do a decent smokey eye! xx

  6. All are so gorgeous! You should take more eyes closed or looking down pics, so everyone can fully appreciate the colors you used.

    YOU ARE GORGEOUS, OK? Gawsh. I'm jelly. Haha! And I love the color choices. I need to experiment more with colors. :)Your eyeliner application is flawless btw. And I say you got makeup for your eye shape down pat. :)

  7. LOVE these makeup ideas! You would look gorgeous in any makeup colors though!

  8. Love the colors they look beautiful!I really love the pop of colors when it comes to make up. I really need to buy some more eyeshadow shades.

    xo Amber P.


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