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loreal hicolor magenta, loreal hicolor red, raw ruby red
Most of the questions and comments I receive are directed at my hair. I've received comments like "If you continue to dye your hair, it will stop growing" or "You'll go bald" but obviously it's not true. My hair isn't fried or breaking off. I baby my hair in between processes and never do multiple bleaching sessions. I've been dyeing my hair since I was a teenager so I've gone through all the mistakes already.

I put together a list of dyes that I've used so far for my whole hair.

Loreal Hicolor Hilift in Magenta and Red. 
These dyes are made to actually work on virgin dark hair but it has to be completely virgin, not this: My color has faded though! It's been a couple of months. Otherwise, you need to use a color stripper like Colour Oops and/or bleach.

I bleached my whole head to a blonde and waited a few days before dyeing since you use a developer with these.  I mixed 30 volume in and left it on for around half an hour. A whole post about it is here.

RAW Ruby Red

I use this dye afterward for touch ups and I only used the Loreal dye for doing roots :) RAW dyes are veggie and won't damage your hair.  Usually, you can get away with a second dye job using Loreal just to possibly get a brighter result but it shouldn't be used to regularly touch up your color. This kind of repeated chemical process will damage and dry out your hair.

*2016: RAW was a popular brand at Hot Topic but it no longer carries the colors it used to. I couldn't find this online anymore so I recommend Ion Brights Red.

Special Effects Pimpin Purple

This dye is a pretty purple. If you want to do 2 colors soon then this is your best choice. Since this purple is pink based, it will fade out to a bright pink. This color photographs pink in direct sunlight. :) I mixed in a lot of conditioner to dilute it since it was extremely dark which means it will fade faster.  This color lasted a month on me.

faded pimpin purple special effects

Faded Special Effects Pimpin Purple

It fades out to this bright pink. It's very intense in person. You can easily touch it up with another purple and it would cover it completely.

manic panic ultra violet
Manic Panic Ultra Violet

This is a very pretty blue-based purple. I always dilute my dye with conditioner to avoid spending so much money on multiple jars of dye.  Since it does contain a blue undertone, it will fade out towards green especially towards the roots.

Hot pink to Ultra Violet transformation here

Manic Panic After Midnight 

Eventually, I got this dye to cover up the pinkness. I really loved that my hair had purple and blue tones in it. You can see that the root area was fading slightly green but because it was light, you could redye with a pink-based purple.

If your purple/blue goes green then you need a blue-based dye to cover it if it's bright.

raw deep purple
RAW Deep Purple

I had this purple for about a year. My longest color ever!  I've only had to dye my hair 2 times throughout the WHOLE time. I shared why my hair color doesn't fade.

*2016: This dye is still available at Hot Topic but it's also on Amazon!

Manic Panic Voodoo Blue

This was my first time going this shade of blue and I LOVED it. It's my favorite from Manic Panic. I shared a review of this dye here ♥ I also recommend Punky's Lagoon Blue for a similar color or to touch up your roots with! (Diluted Punky Atlantic Blue could work as well)

Manic Panic Rockabilly

I adored this color so much. It was SO beautiful but the overall experience was a huge pain in the butt. The formula stains to the extreme. You can't get your hair slightly wet without this bleeding everywhere. Sweating included. Full review here.

*2017: I STILL haven't found a dye as vibrant as this one yet. :(

Punky Atlantic Blue
It was a decent dupe of Rockabilly because it didn't stain and but it faded EXTREMELY fast as well with only sun exposure. :(

SFX Blue Velvet
This is my most recent blue as of 2013! It's a gorgeous dark color.

I'll make a new post about my next batch of colors ;)


I don't bleach every time I want to change colors or touch up the color. I had to bleach my red out to get to a pinky base for the purple to cover, not bleached blonde! I usually just try to shampoo my color out the best that I can and deposit new color on top. This could give you a slightly different shade or intensity. If you want the exact color, you'll need a blonde base.

My favorite dyes are Loreal and RAW. Those are long lasting for me personally and yes, they bleed/stain everywhere for the first week or two. Black pillow cases are absolutely necessary. 

Here's a photo of my hair when I first dyed it red and one year later as purple.

Hair that doesn't seem to grow is due to breakage at the ends, genetics or etc. Biotin can also help along with Mane N Tail to thicken hair.

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  1. Oh my god- Your hair is so beautiful! This is just the inspiration I needed to keep growing mine! <3

  2. GIRL. Why is your hair SO amazing? Why can't I get nice hair like yours? Lol. You seriously really should post more makeup looks with those palettes ;)

  3. wow thats quite an array of colors. I have always wanted to dye my hair pink but the bleaching process kinda freaks me out.

  4. SO super jealous of all these colors. I want cotton candy colored hair so so badly. I dream about finally doing it one day...

  5. Haha I think it's hilarious that people still think unnatural colors = no hair growth. Glad to see you were able to grow yours so long and strong! Growing mine out from a pixie cut haha!

  6. Wow you have had so many colors! I love the ultra violet and deep purple.

  7. Gorgeous! They all seem to suit you :)

  8. how did you get the pretty red

  9. I bleached my hair to a yellow blonde!

  10. How did you get after midnight that color ?

  11. I bleached my roots and the blue I was using came out green. I grabbed the darkest blue I could find to cover it. The blue also took to the lighter purple bits.

  12. Well I want to dye my hair underneath but I cant identify the color I want in a certain picture.

  13. Hey WICKED hair! I was wondering how long it took you to grow it?

  14. From chin length hair to now 3 years.

    From red to purple hair.. one year!

  15. Ah thanks, I've been trying to grow mine for about 3-4 years its no where near as long as yours though, not sure where I'm going wrong!...

  16. Hair has a growth cycle. It depends on the individual on how much length you can grow. If you seriously can't grow past a certain length, that might be why. You can try to speed up your growth.

    I didn't trim my hair at all. I cut all the damage off my hair, took vitamins, ate healthy (protein), didn't use dye for 3 years and massaged the scalp! I thought my hair stopped growing after the third year. If you have a large bust, you'll have to take that into consideration. It feels like a "mountain" to get some decent length to slope over and finally look long. I had to wait another year for my hair to start touching my ribs/navel.

    Get lots of sun during the summer! Hair seems to grow fast during those months.

  17. Thanks for the info, I've brought some Biotin and coconut oil and will start to massage when it arrives :0)

  18. Hi Crissy,
    Sorry one more question, what did you do colour wise when you was growing your hair? Did you go back to your natural colour? I tend to put ALOT of dye on my hair.

  19. Natural yes! I used ammonia-free formula dye once in the first year to get the ends to match the roots.

  20. On this website the 11th post has these pictures the 3rd picture is what i want to do to my hair but cant determine the colors: http://talk.hairboutique.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=44226


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