Crocheted Hats

The internet was down for hours and I took the opportunity to take photos for my shop and tweak some hats :D  I have more items that will go up in the next few days. I may do regular styles... chunky beanies and slouchy hats. Throw in some triangle scarves too. Would anyone wear a strawberry/watermelon one? :] I'll make a post about that one once I get better photos of it. It's quite large!

I do want to share the pattern for my lace one if I ever find it.

I haven't been able to find someone to model for me so I had to do these myself and you can see how awesome my broken lens is.

I might redesign that strawberry hat. I'm really excited to show off new amigurumi designs.  Very soon! All from old doodles/art!

Benefits of Curly Girl Method and Bright Colored Hair

I received a few requests for this one.

I try to avoid these questions because some people are so set on associating long lasting color with expensive products or unwashed hair as dirty.  It's not true. Products that claim to maintain color usually don't.

I do not use products containing sulfates or oils. These are the quickest way to get rid of your vibrancy. The curly girl method works for all hair! I don't use shampoo. It takes away my moisture and gives me unruly hair (see first picture of the mop of knots).  I only wash my hair with conditioners that don't contain sulfates or silicones. I do not use curl creams or anything, I personally hate product residue and stickiness :(

Get a conditioner that contains some kind of protein and use it once a week.

Here are pictures to show my transitioning. I actually saw change immediately.  All four pictures were taken in 3 days.  I had over-processed long hair that had weird kinks instead of waves.  I chopped my hair off in the second photo, started washing with conditioner only and did an overnight olive oil mask :) 

Yep! Honestly this whole process was an absolute pain.  I've always had scalp issues with being too itchy or oily but this was SO greasy.  I had raided's CurlTalk forum for before and after photos, I KNEW it would be worth it. There were days of unpredictable nice, soft waves then curls to limp and an oil mess.  It took 4-5 weeks to adjust to no shampoo.  It may be less or longer for others.

My hair had gotten so much more moisturize I experienced some shrinkage.. but that means tighter waves and curls! I didn't use any heat at all during the transitioning period but I did darken my hair using an ammonia-free dye.

One month of the Curly Method vs the second month!  Isn't it amazing?  Normally I would have been an ultra poof head by now. The last two photos are two years later.  I conditioner wash my hair only and haven't experienced any scalp problems since.

I normally don't use heat since air drying for Curly Girl Method is great. 

A few good ways to manipulate your hair for more curls:
sea salt + water in a spray can.
soaking wet hair, twice as much gel/product & wrap your hair for hours.
several french braids or pin curls
extremely messy bun or sleep with a Turbie Twist

The best thing you could do is buy a shower cap, get dry shampoo,  mix drops of dye into a cheap sulfate free conditioner and wash in cold water :)

You can also read this bleaching guide!!

How do you get your color to last? (Natural colors too, I'm curious!)

Pokeball Hat Pattern 2

Yes! There's a verison two now. :)  This is supposed to fit more loosely than my first pokeball hat. The biggest complaint was it could only fit a child's head.  All of my hats are made to fit my own head which is a 22" head circumference. Anything else is really on the user, right?

The other difference is this circle piece should lie flat with the good increase round.

❤ worsted yarn in red, black & white.
❤ I hook
❤ optional: yarn needle to weave ends in.


11 dc into ring.
2 dc around.
'2 dc, dc' around.
'2 dc, dc in next 2 sts' around
dc around
'2 dc, dc in next 3 sts' around
'2 dc, dc in next 4 sts' around

dc around
dc around

more or less for length
dc around
dc around
dc around
dc around
dc around

Circle piece

11 dc into ring, sl st.
Ch 2. hdc into a ch space. 2 hdc around.

Attach, ch 1. sc increase around.

If you have made anything using my patterns, please send me pictures!

Pink Mustache & News

I won this pink mustache! I've been dying to get my hands on it :D I imagine in a month or two, I'll be sporting pink hair and I could finally match!!

This is cute! Thank you, Sarah! :D

~ If you want your own mustache, brooch or pin~ you should check out Nerdbiskit!

I made an attempt to do something with my hair.

I'm opening up a shop to help out with college funds.  The teacher is really trying to pressure people into purchasing a physical book that's $100+ for an online class.  When we all just bought a code plus a second code to even access it online. We only go in 2-3 times for finals. I don't see a purpose in this physical book when all the questions/tests are done online??

A good portion of the shop will have my hats, some headbands and amigurumi.

Plus, I forgot about Fanime! I'm going to be dressing up as Luna in her human form. Sailor Moon. Yeah?

I'll need a little help- if you are randomly browsing online for clothes and spot a basic yellow dress. Cheap! of course as I'll be making modifications (don't want to die over a dress I could possibly ruin) pleaseeee send me a link! I'm on the look out. I have two months to put together this outfit.

Kitty Amigurumi

All I see is this bunny head but it was supposed to be a cat! Bunny kitty thing~ I'm not used to working with teeny yarn: Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks! It's soft and makes a teeny, delicate amigurumi. The color is cloud. Design #1 haha

There's that awesome seam right thurr!

I love my D hook. I bought another one just in case I lose my fav. It happens. Of course the new one feels weird. It twists around in my fingers and makes it impossible to crochet fast. Found my good one. Obviously,  going to have to super glue this to myself.

Wool of the Andes Knit Picks in Cloud
Wool of the Andes Knit Picks in Cloud
Wool of the Andes Knit Picks in Cloud
Wool of the Andes Knit Picks in Cloud
Green Squittle ~ Anda


Glittered holga tut
DIY scalloped skirt
DIY mason sewing kit jar
Dress up

Anyone have any craft projects or yummy recipes to share? ♥

WIP's, Yarn + Makeup Haul

My first Knit Picks purchase! I accidentally clicked 50 gram balls and I'll need to have a different plan for these now. I have this idea to recreate my old doodles then make amigurumi out of those. Should be fun!

Here's a few things that kept me busy!

WIP photo. It'll be ready for pictures soon.

I've been trying to recreate the first two I made! The left one was made using a D hook and the one next to it was a mix of G & H. I can't quite figure out what hook I used for the original.

ELF haul!

I'm not really a lipstick person so figured ELF would be a good start.

It's long but thick. I really like it!

I'm going to be in crafting mode for awhile!

Have a good weekend!

Rainbow EOTD + Puppy Amigurumi

Rainbow Eye Makeup
Rainbow eye makeup

My attempt at a rainbow eye! I'll need to find a vibrant yellow for sure.

Here's my second and larger design of this puppy!

dog amigurumi
puppy amigurumi

Favorite one so far. I'll probably try to design another too and make a better body to attach the limps.

This weather is unacceptable: gloomy, windy and rain?! I had 2-3 photo shoots planned for this week too. (tooexcited) Hopefully the skies will clear, I'm dying for some test shots near this field by a gas station. The sunset poking through the trees would make a beautiful shot.

False Lashes Madame Madeline

Now onto the lashes! I bought those from Madame Madeline.

Here's Modlash #53 and #70~

Two for $5.20 each. The coupon code GLAM15 probably still works :D I haven't heard of a brush on adhesive... for someone who ends up losing the tiny ones and squeezes too much glue out... I HAD TO TRY IT.

and it's amazing.

#53 lashes with NYX lipgloss Natural.

ELF pressed powder Honey & colorstick Golden Honey, #70 lashes, NYX lipgloss Pinky Natural

#70 lashes & NYX lipgloss Natural + Pinky Natural 

#70 is my favorite for the slightly longer length and #53 is definitely more natural.

Wearing Studio Fix again! I haven't thought of wearing a lighter shade so when it oxidized it'll be more natural than HI IM ORANGE. Nice glow.

Something's not right with my wide angle lens and taking photos with a 50mm lens is not awesome with limited space/no tripod so I'll figure out how to make the quality better on my fuji. It usually changes purple to blues. Very apparent in the hair .__. I don't want to bother my boyfriend into taking pictures of all my makeup looks haha.

I've worn those two lashes for over a week with the help of this cleaning tutorial.

Loreal Magic Perfecting Base Review

Price: $13
Buy again? While on sale and/or coupon.

Normally, I'm fairly good with researching a product before buying. I should have read further into it rather than a review or two along with word of mouth. The box does say face primer but does not say your foundation will last longer or that it would prevent it from fading.

It does say instantly smooth.

It does fill in pores/lines which is something I'll prefer over an actual face primer.

My nose is basically a huge dry patch that lotions and exfoliating show little improvement. This product gave me no dry flakes! It fills in fine lines decently but avoid the eye area if you have oily skin. Otherwise, it's a good product for problem areas!

I'm not sure if I'll be okay paying full price for this perfecting base because it's such a tiny jar. Though my nose looks amazing now.

I also use aqua glycolic toner to minimize pores.

Would you use this product?
Do you have a favorite face primer?