Crochet: Various Hats

I haven't been able to find someone to model for me so I had to do these myself and you can see how awesome my broken lens is.

I might redesign that strawberry hat. I'm really excited to show off new amigurumi designs.  Very soon!


Benefits of Curly Girl Method and Bright Colored Hair

The reason why my hair color lasts so long is that I've been following the Curly Girl Method. This means I've cut out shampoo completely because it dries out my hair too much. My hair has always been wavy, frizzy and unruly with knots underneath. I only wash my hair with conditioner and avoid products that contain sulfates, silicones, and oils.

Images above were all taken within 3 days. I did a big chop because my long hair was over-processed and I wanted to start fresh. The second picture I did an overnight olive oil mask which helped bring moisture in but the day after was a huge improvement. If you are interested, then read about the curly girl method.

Honestly, this whole transitioning process was a pain at first. My hair felt oily and dirty for about a month then it went away for good. I've always had scalp issues like being too itchy, dry or oily. I don't deal with that anymore.  Many people can't handle the transition and quit but it's really worth it if you have wavy, curly or natural hair. I had raided naturallycurly.com's CurlTalk forum for their before and after photos. Very amazing results which helped motivate me. 

There were days of unpredictable curls: pretty, nice waves or a limp, oily mess. The amount of transitioning time varies from person to person. I continued to grow out my hair and only dyed it with a demi to match my roots. Very minimal chemicals and no heat tools. The first image I started to get slightly defined waves and a month later, the second image, was the curliest I've ever seen my hair before.

These last two photos were taken two years after starting the CG method. I normally don't use heat since air drying for Curly Girl Method is great. 

A few good ways to manipulate your hair for more curls:
sea salt + water in a spray can.
soaking wet hair, twice as much gel/product & wrap your hair for hours.
several French braids or pin curls
extremely messy bun or sleep with a Turbie Twist

If you can't handle not being able to use shampoo then go for a product that contains no sulfates. Those harsh ingredients will fade your hair color so fast. Oils are not good for bright colored hair because it will pull the color out.

The best thing you could do is buy a shower cap, get dry shampoo,  mix drops of dye into a cheap sulfate free conditioner and wash in cold water :)

You can also read this bleaching guide!!

How do you get your color to last? (Natural colors too, I'm curious!)

Crochet Pattern: Pokeball Hat V.2

Yes! There's a verison two now. :)  This is supposed to fit more loosely than my first pokeball hat. The biggest complaint was it could only fit a child's head.  All of my hats are made to fit my own head which is a 22" head circumference. Anything else is really on the user, right?

The other difference is this circle piece should lie flat with the good increase round.


  • worsted yarn in red, black & white
  •  I hook
  • optional: yarn needle to weave ends in.


11 dc into ring.
2 dc around.
'2 dc, dc' around.
'2 dc, dc in next 2 sts' around
dc around
'2 dc, dc in next 3 sts' around
'2 dc, dc in next 4 sts' around

dc around
dc around

more or less for length
dc around
dc around
dc around
dc around
dc around

Circle piece

11 dc into ring, sl st.
Ch 2. hdc into a ch space. 2 hdc around.

Attach, ch 1. sc increase around.

If you have made anything using my patterns, please send me pictures!


Loreal Magic Perfecting Base Review

Loreal Magic Perfecting Base
Price: $13
Buy again? While on sale or coupon.

Normally, I'm fairly good at researching a product before buying. I should have read further into it rather than a review or two along with word of mouth. The box does say face primer but does not say your foundation will last longer or that it would prevent it from fading.

It does say instantly smooth.

It does "fill in" pores. The product sits on top of your skin giving it a smooth appearance. Obviously, this doesn't mask your pores completely. If you have some skin texture, this would be super helpful for a smoother base to work with. I used this on my nose which is a huge dry patch and my foundation actually looked nice for a change.

Would you use this product?
Do you have a favorite face primer?


Crochet Pattern: Puppy Amigurumi

puppy amigurumi pattern
puppy amigurumi pattern
dog amigurumi pattern

❤ worsted yarn
❤ D hook
❤ optional: yarn needle to weave ends in.
❤ black yarn/thread for nose+mouth.
❤ 9mm safety eyes

6 sc into ring.
inc around.
*inc, sc* around.
*inc, sc in next 2 sts* around.
5 rounds: sc around.
*sc2tog, 3 sc* around.
*sc2tog, 2 sc* around.
safety eyes + stuff.
*sc2tog, sc* around.
sc2tog around + sl st into corner .

6 sc into ring.
inc around.
ac around.
*dec, sc* around.
stuff lightly.

8 sc into ring
inc around.
*inc, sc* around.
sc around.
sc around.
sc 10 sts, dec (3), sc.
sc 7 sts, dec (2), sc in rest sts.
sc around.

circle piece:
this piece should cover the hole of the body. flat bottom piece.
8sc into ring.
inc around.
*inc, sc 2 sts* around.

If the piece is too bulky: Pull out a few stitches + match it up.

If the piece is too small: Do another increase around. If it's too big ^^^

6 sc into ring.
sc around.
sc around.
sc around.
sc around.

decrease or increase the length for your liking

I think I skipped a single stitch by accident. Do it in the middle!

6 sc into ring.
sc around.
sc around.
sc around.
sc around.

attach tapered end to the butt!

Ears (2)

Ch 3. skip first chain and sc in the other 2.
turn~ ch1, sc, inc
ch 1, sc, inc, sc
sc around.
ch 1, sc in 2 stitches, inc, sc in 2 stitches.
skip st, sc~ + skip st~ sc in last. sl st into the corner.

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Thrifty finds.

There's a hole in the wall thrift store by where I live. It's pretty teeny and connects to a small warehouse full of furniture, more clothing, and whatnot. I love going through everything there because it's so cramped and compact. You actually have to work to find things. This was out in the open though and *a super amount of regret* of not buying these.

I got a large piece of felt months ago and tried searching for any possible materials in boxes. There was one full of fabric with some yarn peeking out but it didn't catch my interest until I dug my hand into and pulled out a mustard yarn. A must for my future project... coincidence?! I found some polyfil nearby and thought why not... just to find out the price.

My reaction:

drawn in Illustrator

Ordered brushes from ELF and found this coupon code for $2 shipping: GAN195


Bowties and Button Ups
Galactic FOTD
Knit Hat
Chocolate cinnamon roll muffins


Makeup: Foundations

I decided to write a quick post on the foundations I use!

First, I'm going to mention that I'm the in-between shades of ivory and nude. Not plenty of those are in yellow undertones either. If you're an NC20-25 then consider trying these shades out.♥
  • Revlon Colorstay is my top favorite foundation. Studio Fix would have been chosen if it didn't go orange. Revlon's coverage is medium to buildable. I find that it can last on my combination skin. Prior to using the brand, I had extremely oily and shiny skin. I've tried both formulas and the combo one is the best. I've also read from reviews that some dry/normal skin can handle it better.

    Shades: Sand Beige, Nude, Fresh Beige & Buff

Revlon Colorstay Fresh Beige

Revlon Colorstay Buff
  • Boots 07 Lifting & Firming foundation in Nude

Perfect match. The only foundation I don't have to worry about working quickly to blend out. It's light/medium coverage, covers redness well but has less lasting power than Colorstay.

Hover over this image

I always put a few drops on my hand to apply to my face and forgot to wipe it off quick.. so I'll be out with a light or darker blob on my hand haha. Good thing Boots 07 matches my hand too!

What's your favorite foundation?
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