Amigurumi: Crocheting Clockwise & Counter-Clockwise / Right Side & Wrong Side

When crocheting in the round, there's a "right" (front) side and a "wrong" (back) side. Which side is the front side is up to you!

For me, the "right" side is usually the side with the v's of the stitches (photo 1) and the wrong side has the upside down v's with the bar on top (photo 2).

When I first learned how to crochet amigurumi, I crocheted in the round counter-clockwise. That method would leave my "right" side (with the v's of the stitches) inside the work and I'd need to turn it inside out when I was done.

But now I crochet from the outside to the inside, moving clockwise around the piece. My "right" side is always facing outwards. I found it to be a lot easier and comfortable for me to do it that way than to keep doing it counter clockwise and flipping the pieces. I also noticed my color changes looked a lot neater on that side.

If you're following a pattern and want your "right" side to be different from the pattern's "right" side, you have to see if the pattern has:

  • complex color changes (not just simple stripes) since it looks different on "right" and "wrong" sides.
  • stitches that are worked in the front loops only or in the back loops only because those may possibly be used in the pattern to add texture or shaping.
  • small circumference pieces because it may alter the shape. (The side with the v's of the stitches give your shapes more roundness.)

If the pattern is fairly simple and doesn't require crazy shaping, you can have whichever side as the "right" side and it will turn out fine!

Made in April 2012.

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