Cute Finds

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Isn't this beautiful?  I'm in love with it all! The lighting, colors, pose and the placement of the flowers.

introvert's introduction
I've had an idea lingering in my head for a shoot and I think this would be the perfect accessory. Looks cute & simple :D

Nerd Burger Jewelry
Who wouldn't want a ring?! I love Adventure time!

Adrian Loves Owls

One of my favorite blogger's style is Adrian's! I wish I could put together outfits like these. The layering, color combinations, want want want!

I first saw this on tumblr: "It looks real!"  Teeny cute pizza earrings. It's currently sold out though.

Another find on Tumblr! I liked the bats but LOVE the jellyfish even more. Can there be a squid one?! I don't think I'm using the right keywords because I can't find the shop! Who knows it?

I'm so glad I came across Sophie's tumblr. I'm such a sucker for cutesy art. GO BUY ART!
Happy Friday!
What are your cute finds?

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