Crochet Pattern: Floral Headband

The pattern is available for download as a PDF here. Pictures to help guide you.

Flower: (crochet 5)

1. Chain 35. Skip the first chain. Single crochet in the next 3 chs.
Repeat { “Chain 3, skip next chain, single crochet in the next 3 chs” } til the end.
2. Chain 3. “Double crochet 3 times, slip stitch, double crochet 4 times” in the hole and sc in the next st.
Repeat {Dc 3x, sl st, Dc 4x" in next hole, sc in next }
Sc in the last two sts.

Read the PDF to see pictures on how to curl it.  

Headband Piece:

Foundation- Chain 100. Cut.

1. Attach yarn by a single crochet in the 16th chain from one end. Single crochet across. Leave the last 16 chains untouched.

2. Turn. Chain 2. Skip first stitch, half double crochet across.

Sew on each flower onto the band piece or you could weave in ends to attach it!

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