Style: Ombre Hair & Fake Leather Skirt

Sweater: Thrifted, H&M // Skirt: eBay // Belt: Forever21 // Leggings: Thrifted // Bangs: Damnation Hair 
It's only been four months and I've changed my hair color FIVE times. Why is it impossible to stop? I actually would love to do a red & blonde ombre but I'm steering clear of bleach for as long as possible.  I had a nearly full bottle of blue dye leftover so this is my temporary ombre! I'm hoping this settles my impulsiveness haha.

I have wanted a skirt like this for months but only at the right price.  I thought I could probably find one for under ten bucks.... AND IT HAPPENED!! Now I just need a fake leather jacket.  Busty ladies can wear those, right? That's what is stopping me from getting one.

Happy Thursday  ♥

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