Skirt from Bear And Twine

flower clip+belt- forever21
top- ebay
skirt- bear and twine

Sunset a little before 5pm.

I have created a wishlist for myself as motivation after the no spending ban :) Obviously I'm super in love with florals but I wanted this specific item within my budget: blue/mint skirt with pink floral. Yep, I cheated...I managed to find the piece in Bear And Twine. It was also on sale so that was a sign to buy for me. I am a sucker for a good price. Absolutely love it and fits amazingly!

I am not going out for Black Friday this year. It's always a waste of time. We end up standing in line for hours and the items advertised in ads were NEVER in store in the first place. Dudeeeee 😫 I'm going to be online shopping if the deals are awesome.  I really need a winter coat asap. It's starting to get freezing. :( 

What are your favorite clothing shops?

I'm having a Black Friday sale over at Silent Daisy. Take 20% off with coupon code BF20off on Blogger layouts :)


Tardis OOTD

hat- silent daisy
plugs- C/O urban body jewelry
top/tights/shoes- goodwill
skirt: crossroads

This top was hidden in the male's section. I thought it was a regular bulky graphic tee but it's smaller at the waist..someone messed up at Goodwill! Yay though because it would have cost more than double if it were in the women's section. I think that is quite lame.

*OOTD inspired by Jenny + Roxy *

The Day of the Doctor didn't disappoint. I won't spoil any details because it's still fairly new. :) I MUST SAY I AM SUPER EXCITED THO. That is one thing that I have always been curious about so I'm glad that things are going in a different direction.  Only more adventures will come from it. Tbh, I'm already ready for a new champion even though I LOVE Clara.


Latest Premade Designs

Don't you hate it when the ideas start pouring in and you really don't have time to do any of it? I have lists after lists to remind myself! Can I be an octopus so I could draw, design/code and crochet at the same time?! I barely have time to finish one project. Maybe it's break aka adventure time. Someplace or something new.

These are my latest premade designs! I have been into cursive + hand written fonts, borders and floral art. I didn't realize how fun and easy it was to use a tablet. It was no way comfortable for me to use one with a desktop though. Laptop + comfortable on bed= so much yes!

I also got around to finishing one of my first layout designs (Galaxy Forever)  can you see the date?? Better late than never? haha

I'll love to update my old patterns and get some new pictures for it but it requires tweaking the pattern, finding people to test, doing final tweaks and photos. It doesn't seem a lot but I have over 20 patterns. I'll add it to my list! 😪

A new pattern each month will be returning soon.
Most likely brown fox since I have most of it ready to go!!


Sunset EOTD

I have decided to post regular EOTD's because ALL of my palettes are broken. I hate having them out since being uncovered just gets in the way and could easily turn into a huge mess! I'll love to get new ones and protect them (aka store better)>

I'm on the lookout for a liquid liner if anyone knows a good one. Something that stays put and dries matte. I normally use Maybelline's gel liner but their black has not be in stock every single time I go and try to buy one. (!!!)  It's pricey online and I'm a huge cheapo ;D I accidentally bought the 'charcoal' one months ago and it just doesn't hold up at all! :(

I have trichotillomania and it has been kicking my butt lately. Decided to just go for it and tweeze most of the hair underneath so it doesn't seem so patchy. I found out the majority of my eyebrow crushes actually draw it on too. I feel less weird!!


Amigurumi & Handmade Sale!

I am having a huge amigurumi & handmade goodies sale over at Silent Daisy. Everything is $5 and less. This isn't even HALF of it. It's kind of a Black Friday sale except this will still be going on afterwards. When I have more available time and sunlight, I'll be able to take squeeze in some pictures and get everything else listed. :D

I'll be taking on some select custom orders for amigurumi for $20, if anyone is interested! I have some stash yarn leftover. I need a little boost to speed up the process for my dog's surgery (you can read here ♥)

Thank you to those who have donated. I REALLY appreciate it!!  It makes me so happy that this is going to be a possible thing in the near future.  I can't even imagine Bella without her hernia or having her seizures under control.


Varisty Voxbox 2013

What's in the VoxBox:
Clearasil's Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Wash $6.49
Airhead's Xtremes Bites: $1.69
Kiss Nail Dress $6.99
NYC New York Color Big Bold Plumping & Shine Lip Gloss $3.99
Tide Pods

Clearasil's Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Wash

I couldn't use this brand as a teenager so I was a little hesitant. I received three samples! I loved the smell. The consistently is really creamy and my skin felt refreshed. It had a slight cooling sensation for me afterwards. Not sure if that happened with anyone else haha. I'll LOVE to get a full size of this.

Airhead's Xtremes Bites

I am super picky with candy and I can't eat most without feeling sick fast.  Rainbow berry was a good choice as a flavor for these bites.  It was a little sweet and addicting...The bag didn't last long at all haha.  Wish it were actually sour though.  The price is good too so will be repurchasing!!

Kiss Nail Dress

I didn't try these out because it won't fit me at all.  I'll love to see other nail products get sent out because these nail sticker things are seriously not a "one size fits all".  Even the smallest one won't fit any of my nails.

New York Color Big Bold Plumping & Shine Lip Gloss

I thought I was going to hate this because lipgloss has always been too sticky and unwearable.  I was surprised that my first impression was proven wrong.  This lipgloss is used DAILY now. It's the right consistency for me and my lips actually stay moisturized after the product dries.  It looks pink but it's not even a tint. So it's one of my top favorite lip products now. You did gooooood, NYC!!

Tide Pods
I wasn't really impressed. It smelled nice but I was hoping for some good results with my boyfriend's white shirts. :(  These would probably be best for people living in dorms if you get a small pack and don't do laundry often. Easy to take with you!


It Is Never Too Late {art}

I did this a couple of weeks ago and of course, I had managed to misplace my tablet! I'm actually much better at using my mouse than a tablet but I still wanted to practice. I'll like to get proper art supplies after my spending ban. Any recommendations for watercolour paint? I came across Dr. Ph. Martin's but I'm not really sure what is good.

I want to also pick up some micro pens and calligraphy pens. I actually got one of those calligraphy kits as a kid and what makes that super hilarious is that my handwriting has always been 100% poop. Why did I think I could get use of that?!  I'll love to try now anyways.

Any art to share?!

Have a good Tuesday:)


Remixed Floral OOTD

Hi old blue hair! I'm pretty terrible at remixing and layering my clothes. I mostly own too many dresses but it's really no excuse since other ladies pair dresses with skirts, tights and jackets. I must learn the layering ways.

dress & belt- forever21
skirt- ebay
tights- thrifted
shoes- thrifted

One of my favorite things about summer is that you can walk outside barefoot in the morning. It's freezing now and by winter, I'll probably have to get slippers.  I think that would complete my lazy outfit.
I thought this was funny: Sarcastic Posters for Photographers


The Girl With The Camera

My love for photography is dying. I used to shoot daily and do portrait sessions 2-3 times a month.  It's not like that anymore. Something's wrong when I'm not eager to get out and do something. I have invested too much of my own money in lenses to even consider giving up. Throughout this whole experience, I've honestly never felt so used before.  It's starting to get to me.

 2014 will be my comeback. It is time for a rebranding!!

*I'm this week's Crafty Superstar!

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