I got an order for two headbands! I used Red Heart for the black and purple. The teal is Wool of the Andes Yarn from KnitPicks! I started with 10 chains for these and did it a bit differently just to secure it into place :)  Surprisingly how I don't have much teal yarn.

Bow Headband Pattern

Jacket- Forever21


I love Tell 'Em Steve Dave and I've been listening since about two years ago. So excited to get my hands on Cryptozoic Man ever since I have heard about it! I love the artwork. Can't wait til I read more.

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  1. How cute are these?! Man, I've gotta learn how to knit! ;)

  2. Love love love the headbands. I've never seen them made with two separate colours. I want a black and pink one.

  3. Love that headband :)

    I hope you can come over and return the favor. :)


  4. wow great job on the headbands! i love the little punk vibe w/ the black and turquoise/purple. thanks for your sweet comment on my gift guide post and man oh man do i love your hair!!

  5. These headbands look great , love their vibrant colours!
    Noor | Noor's Place

  6. I love these! So cute and your hair looks great.

  7. Love these, they are such a nice touch of colour in an outfit :) x



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