Vulpix Amigurumi

10:31 AM

Vulpix has always been part of my huge list of favorite Pokemon.  You can't just choose one! haha I don't know why it has taken me so long to even make one.  The head was actually done months ago but a mix of projects and procrastination got into the way. I saw it sitting in my camera bag looking unfinished and pathetic. It became top priority!

I plan to make more Pokemon but keeping the size small like this.  I can't imagine doing another monster size like my Eevee. Definitely adding Ninetales and all of the Eeveelutions to the list!! I'm going to make a Vulpix just for me and turn it into a keychain. I could only fit 5 tails on it though.  I want to improve on the arms and legs.. maybe an extra stitch around?

Vulpix Amigurumi
Vulpix Amigurumi
Vulpix Amigurumi
Check my shop link since I'll make more soon! 

It's always fun to crochet pieces but assembling/sewing the pieces can take so long haha.  What Pokemon would you like to see next?




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