Black Moon B*tches

I sketch on paper for a minute then spend more time on the computer now. I cut my lineart/coloring time in half so that's a huge improvement. Plus this hand actually looks like one? I think hahah

I don't draw much on paper or computer. It seems I could only make time to start one piece each month and making progress that way just won't work. I've finished about 4 pieces recently and suddenly got inspired to make new ones!

Right now I'm just having fun but I'll like to narrow down a style soon. Something that you could just look at and now it's by me.


Inversion Hair Growth Method: Round 2

Time has flown by! It's time for another round of the inversion method. I'll be documenting it a bit better with measuring tape. I really wanted to do a video but I'm waiting to get a camera and wide lens first. My phone quality isn't that great in dim lighting. It will definitely happen one day soon! If you are interested in reading about my first round then here's Inversion Hair Growth Method.

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