Rainbow Blossom Shrug

I started on this a few months ago using 2 different colorways of Red Heart Unforgettable Boutique yarn. This project originally began because I wanted to see how this motif would look like in a rainbow-y yarn and then it just became a shrug. Good for spring when the weather can't make up it's mind.

I got this purple cat brooch from Pony People and wasn't sure how to use it until now. (I need to incorporate crazy cat lady in my designs somehow!)

Since I've been designing more wearables, I'm slowly starting to buy more of the fancy yarns you can get at Michaels (and Knit Picks). It can be hard to justify the cost sometimes but there's been times where I really liked a pattern just because of the fancy yarn. I generally don't splurge on other things (except food because I love you food) so why not yarn every once in a while?

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