New Wig & Delicate Tangles Flower Hair Extension

I'm trying to not be a vampire while it's cold and rainy outside. I got this new wig from eBay since most of mine are either dark purple or dark brown. This one is still purpley but at least it's brighter? I have no idea what other colors would work on me.

The roses are a flower braid hair extension from Delicate Tangles. It has a clip (like hair extensions) and there's 3 clear strands that hang from it with several flowers per strand.

I didn't even know this was a thing until I somehow stumbled on it somewhere, maybe Instagram. I like it more than just using individual flowers on hair clips because I only need to worry about one clip! I got the 10" length and I was sure it was going to work with my real hair but my hair is still not long enough. I'm pretty sure my hair stopped growing a year ago, probably because of all my health issues.

Do you like flower braid hair extensions or do you prefer hair clips or headbands?

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