Etsy Shop Feature: Eten Iren

I might be a little obsessed with succulents. I've been trying to propagate some and it hasn't really gone well so far. Now I'm just playing the waiting game to see if any more will start to rot. Until then, I figured I'd check out some cute succulent stuff on Etsy.

When I saw the thumbnails of the succulent jewelry from the Eten Iren shop, I thought they were real so I had to click to confirm! But nooo, they're made out of polymer clay... which is great for people with black thumbs like me!

This shop is full of succulent and floral themed jewelry, hair accessories, and more.

 I really love the colors on this one!

These are adorable -- looks almost flower petal-y.

Another great color combination! Looks almost exactly like one of my succulents.

I really like the idea of having a succulent ring because I can look at it all day. I'd love to have an anacampseros version!!

Now here's some of my favorite flowery ones, mostly pansies. I did start to like the color yellow more because it makes my brain all 'sunny' though.

Which ones are your favorite? Do you prefer other kind of succulents, flowers, or other plants? Tell me about them! There are a lot of flowers and plants that I like but I have no idea what they're called.

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