More Jewelry + FotoFuze for photo editing!

I was making quite a bit of jewelry months ago and it took me a while to get around to taking photos of them with my DSLR. I listed some of these in our new Tiny Moon shop on Storenvy.

I love these blue howlite beads look with the pearls. I'm probably going to make different color versions of this later.

Pastel oreo cookie earrings made by Crissy out of polymer clay. I only added some ear wires to them!

I'm obsessed with these amethyst stones so I'm always trying to not use them all at once! ;)

Blueberry cupcake ring made by Crissy out of polymer clay and it is modeled by my 4-year-old monkey. 

Wire wrapped elephant pendant and various glass beads with dyed howlite beads!

A "slave bracelet" with turquoise stone beads.

I'm probably going to do some more wire wrapping soon. Maybe some rings!


I edited these photos using FotoFuze. It's a free product photography enhancement application that removes distracting elements from the background and gives you a crisp plain background. 

I really like using it when I don't feel like using Photoshop (or when I just don't have access to it because I'm on a different computer!) so I'm always looking out for great browser-based photo editing programs. 

For best results, photos should be taken on a white or black background that is as texture-less as possible. I took my photos on a dark brown table that had a bit of texture to it and it worked well enough.

You can sign up via your Etsy account and grant the application access to your Etsy account to directly edit photos from your listings. Or you can just do what I did and create an account on FotoFuze and upload your photos into the application instead.

To select the product from the background, you use the yellow highlighter tool by coloring over all of the object. It needs to be entirely filled in or it won't render correctly. They have a "check for errors" box right next to your image that shows red on the possible problem areas. You can also use the eraser tool if you selected too much or on the wrong area. 

Another nice feature is that you can highlight some of the shadows behind the product and those will show up in your new fancy background. 

Do you have any favorite browser photo editing programs? I also like using Pixlr for basic retouching.

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