Amazon Finds: Black Everything

This measures 7" width x 6" height. It has a 3.5" depth.

This is tempting to get for extra storage for other items

Dishwasher and microwave safe 15 oz mug

This looks super cute with the embroidery. It's faux leather ♥

It looks cute. Not sure how comfortable those handles would be haha This is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

This is a huge zipper pouch. Based on the reviews, it supposedly fits 8 x 10 papers!

There's only one left in stock. Check out their canvas tote here.

I love No Face! You can scroll down and view similar items to find it for your phone

4 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set
This set is actually translucent instead of being solid black. 
"Good Luck" Cat Pin
For Black Friday and allllll the days!
"Not A Ghost, Just Dead Inside" shirt
What have you found on Amazon? Share it in the comments!


True Nutrition Vegan Protein Optimizer

True Nutrition Vegan Optimizer with Unflavored/Unsweetened

True Nutrition was my first protein powder! Since I needed to cut dairy out, I was researching vegan formulas and chose their unflavored and unsweetened blend with the branched-chain aminos boost. I've tried it with just water and obviously, it has that earthy taste. It doesn't mix the best in a blender cup. It's non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free.

True Nutrition Vegan Optimizer with Unflavored/Unsweetened
It contains pea protein ioslate, rice protein concentrate and hemp protein.

It has 23.2 grams of protein per 1 scoop (30 grams) at 110 calories.

I ordered 1 pound with a $0.50 boost and plastic jug for a total of $10.68. Use coupon GOVEGAN for the 5% off!

I've used this powder in water and fruit smoothies. Bananas are perfect for masking that earthy flavor. It's not concealed 100% but it's better tasting. I've also mixed it in with water, oatmeal, and banana. I'm used to the flavor so I don't dislike it.

True Nutrition Vegan Optimizer with Unflavored/Unsweetened

I got Pea Protein sample packs in French Vanilla, Strawberry Sorbet, Strawberry Banana and Cinnamon Bun.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of sweet flavors. French Vanilla was my favorite pick because it really tasted like cake batter. it was the most neutral flavor for my tastes.

Strawberry Sorbet tastes like "Strawberry's always a risky artificial flavor, but I think it tastes like the milk that's left over after eating a bowl of fruit loops or lucky charms or something." (source).  It was the best description for it.

Strawberry Banana was something I liked but I could easily add in fruits or flavored yogurt to my shakes. Don't think I could regularly drink this every day.

Cinnamon Bun was actually delicious but too sweet for me to actually buy a tub and not die from it.

During my research on Reddit, I found that people liked Chocolate Fudge Brownie the most. Cafe Mocha only if you're into coffee flavors. Lemon Cake popped up a few times.

People recommended ordering the flavor intensity at Light.

True Nutrition Vegan Optimizer in French Vanilla
I got 2 lbs of Vegan Optimizer in TrueFlavor French Vanilla with two boosts: Branched Chain Aminos Boost and Essential Aminos Boost at $22.88. (GOVEGAN for 5% off)

This is something I can drink with water. Sometimes I'll have to dilute it to 16 oz because I don't feel like drinking straight up cake in the morning. I added BCCA because I workout fasted and some days I do intermittent fasting.

I've tried this with almond milk, dairy-free yogurt (Vega Protein and Silk) and fruits. It's my favorite!

I've noticed that I haven't experienced any soreness since using this powder. Usually, I felt sore from leg day either later at night or the next morning. It's pretty crazy to workout without feeling like my legs will fall off. I'm currently struggling to hit my protein needs so usually, I'll have a protein shake and oatmeal later.


DIY: Black Vanity

I wanted to get rid of my desk for a long time. It was taking up so much space and I only needed it for my desktop computer at the time. I was sitting on the idea for 6 months until there were no more excuses left. I needed the space but the whole process of having to reorganize everything put me off.

The Alex drawers really appealed to me but the whole white and bright aesthetic was not my thing. Their drawers also came in a black-brown shade which matched the rest of my room. When I first ordered these, I actually didn't own much of a makeup collection so most of the drawers weren't filled. It was perfect for storing other items and having a place for my 17" gaming laptop.

• Ikea Alex drawers • black-brown
I had already thrifted their MALM series awhile back. Matching! :)

• Linnmon tabletop • size 39"
I now have a clear acrylic sheet covering the top for easy cleanup. Got it from the local hardware store!

This is a great budget lamp! It has multiple lighting modes with 5 brightness levels. I often used Reading and Study because it was the brightest and best color options. It has a one-hour auto-off timer and a USB charging port.

• Black Baroque Mirror 
This mirror is what inspired my black theme! I saw it on Pinterest and managed to track it down. It's double the price on Amazon but I found it on Walmart for half. It's probably out of stock online but you could most likely find it in store.

• Sodynee Acrylic Makeup Organizer 
I got this because it had large drawers. I had a smaller clear organizer that I spray painted black to match.

• EasyPAG Flower Pattern Organizer 
I originally got two of these to hold some makeup and small items. Now I store nail polish, small lotions, and samples in it.

• EasyPAG Floral Pen Holders x2
These are my makeup brush holders.

 • Black Makeup Tree Holder  
It's collapsible and fits all of my brush sizes. So much easier to air dry.

 • Black Phone Stand 
I use this to watch videos when I'm getting ready.


• Heart mirror (note: painted it black)  $8:
Search: Beautiful Fashion European Style White Dual Sided Desktop Makeup Standing Mirror

• Black Cotton Pad Organizer • $5:
Search: 1pc Retro Butterfly Cosmetic Makeup Cotton Pad Organizer Storage Box Case Holder

• Black Matching Holder • $3 x2:
Search: Acrylic Makeup Cosmetic Storage Box Case Holder Brush Pen Organizer Decorative

• Black Small Mirror $5:
Search: Girl Desktop Rotatable Gothic Rose Makeup Stand Mirror Black Butterfly 4EV

• Bat Wall Stickers • $2:
Search: Removable Bat Sticker Wall Stickers Art Vinyl Decal Home Room Halloween Decor

DIY Black Mirror

I came across the mirror on Pinterest but it was completely out of stock in black. I bought a lighter shade with the intention of painting it myself.

There are other various styles if you search on eBay.


Small plastic skulls with black glitter and clear glitter glue. I'm currently using these to hold my change.


I had leftover spraypaint so I went crazy with it. I liked my teal mirror but thought this would fit the theme better. I've had these organizer drawers for a long time and never once thought about turning it black. It looks so much better.

What does your vanity/desk look like? 
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