Favorite Gothic Rings

Valencia is my top favorite ring ever. I was tempted to buy it for myself at one point even though it's marketed as an engagement ring lol. I love the white gold the most with the black rhodium bat. There's another one within the same price range and it's rose gold.

This is another ring from Sapphire Studios! I originally saw Prism first on Facebook. It's a Sailor Moon styled ring. I think it looks best as white/yellow gold or white/rose gold. I do find the full white gold pretty but the extra color really makes the details stand out.

I randomly came across this Emerald Bat Ring and love it. It's more on the affordable end when comparing to the above rings. This one is made to order due to the details that need hand sculpting.

I love this purple and black ring from Alien Forms Jewelry. It's also availabe in other gemstones.

This blood red garnet ring has 4 skulls surrounding the stone. It's from the shop KIPKALINKA. It looks pretty from all angles. Sometimes rings that have skulls on it look too bulky.It also has various stone shapes and colors available!

"Till Death do us Part" ring has a black stone being held by skeleton fingers. The metail is available in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold!

Vidar Boutique has so many flower engagement rings with different band styles and various color combinations. This ring has a more simple band compared to the others. Some of the leaf designs are very detailed.. This shop has lots of rose gold options!

Another unique bat ring! This one is called Nocturne. It's a made to order item so you can choose the metal, finish and gemstones. Both bat heads have a stone in the mouth too.


Vegan Goth Bags & Wallets

Here are my favorite finds for black, goth inspired bags and wallets!

I've never been a fan of those tiny backpacks so this really appeals to me. It's not super huge and the size still makes it more portable than lugging around a beast on your back. I'm really drawn to the lace!

Black and purple with a batwing design? YES. This clutch has a built-in makeup mirror and a large interior compartment. It has a removable strap as well as a back zipper compartment.

Avelina De Moray offers "Lay-Buy" for her international customers (like the US) and you can split payments across 2 months. Below is another product from her website:

This item is on my wishlist right now. The second round for preorders has started and it will go into production after hitting 75 preorders. A change that isn't pictured is the interior zipper's color will be black. I love the variety of materials used. It has PU leather, matte leather, and black velvet. My favorite part is on the inside. It's lined with red suede leather, has a photo ID section, many card slots and a zipper portion for coins.

The shape of the bag is cute. It has that coin purse clasp at top. It has moon shaped hardware and a black bow at the top. This comes with a detachable strap.

This has multiple compartments for cards and cash. It's all black and has a classic shape. The only hardware would be the heart in the center and the studs.

This bag is 8.2 by 5.9 inches. You can choose to order it with a chain, strap or both. In order to maintain the design of the bag, the closure flap has velcro. If you don't want velcro, apparently you could contact them about it.

Chandeliers and Spiders Handbag
The colored fabric on the bag is made of cotton. The rest of the bag has vinyl and the interior is black cotton. It has pockets on the side and a zippered pocket inside. I like the diamond rivets to secure the handles in.
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