My Lolita Dress haul

Last year, I wanted to try out a simple dress specifically for a future convention. I can't imagine wearing it in my daily life though. It makes me feel too much like a doll. I decided to go with My Lolita Dress.

I had a huge interest in Japanese street fashion when I was a teenager. Back when Livejournal was a thing, I would browse images on there from the magazine Fruits. I liked Decora's neon colors and a thousand accessories. All the various Kei styles always layered items together well. My top favorite style was Gothic Lolita since the darker colors could make the outfit simple, cute or elegant. I always wanted to try it out but I never had enough money or the right resources to find more affordable options.


Dress: Sweet Organza Tailored Lolita Short Sleeves OP Dress $57.99
I ordered this in size L.  My bust is 91cm and waist is 71cm. Nothing is tight and it's easy to get on over my head. I don't need to unzip it. The chiffon fabric

Petticoat: Diamond Honey A-line Shaped Super Puffy Lolita Petticoat $23.99
My first petticoat and this is a beast. It's for dresses that hit above the knee. It only comes in "average" sizing which goes up to 75cm.

Bag: Angelic Pretty Horror Bat Lolita Bag (Replica) $33.99
I remember when this bag came out and I wanted it but my wallet did not. I don't mind getting the replica at all!

💀 Shipping to the US was $48 💀 


Other Outfit Details:
The wig is from Ebay  (Lolita Women Gradient Curly Daily Cute Japan Party Cosplay Wig Heat Resistant).
Stockings are Killstar's Neoma
Boots are Hot Topic

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