Cute Finds: Pendants and Art

Introducing a new feature on the blog: Cute Finds! I originally wanted it to be strictly for Etsy but there are many things that I like that aren't on there. I'll rather keep it open to other options. Email me if you are interested in a little feature :)

I love the artwork, especially since it's in cameo jewelry. Wearable art <3 I'm counting down the days when I'll get my own apartment and I could start building a collection of prints/art.


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  1. love the owl pendant!!

    I'd love a feature too {http://thisenchantedpixie.etsy.com}

    love your blog :)

  2. i think the deer pendant is my favourite :) xx

  3. @Polly Great! :D It'll be up next week!!

  4. I used to be an Etsy addict, but now I'm more of an eBay addict. Your hair is so cool!!!!! :)

    Mabel Time


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