Crochet: Squittles and a Headband

I made a new style of squids for the Etsy shop: Squittle! I usually stick with making large octopuses but wanted a longer head/body version. I'm also in the process of making slightly smaller versions of these. I used tiny beads for the eyes since I didn't have leftover safety eyes.

My favorite brands to use are Vanna's Choice, Lion Brand, and Loops & Threads! Unfortunately, there are not enough colors for that last one. If you work with yarn, can you recommend another brand that has a decent variety of colors? I'm thinking more on the lighter/pastel side.

Isn't it obvious that greens, blues, and purples are my favorite colors to work with?

Here is another headband that I made. I wanted to make a bow headband by using one piece. I thought it would look cuter with two colors. Edit: I've shared the pattern here.

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  1. Those little guys are the cutest! And I love the bow headband, it makes me wish I could knit...

  2. GAH! It's all so cute! Wantswantswants!

  3. oh my gosh the octopi are so cute! Also love that bow headband!

  4. I've been looking for the perfect headband like this for years! I didn't even think about making one myself... LOVE your site design by the way!


  5. Those little guys are so sweet! I am definitely envious of your crochet skills.


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