Photographing Amigurumi Tips - How to Get Your Amigurumi To Look like it's Standing

If your amigurumi doesn't stand up on its own, there are a few things you can try:

1. Lean the amigurumi against something.

I've used a notebook as the background and had someone hold the top side of the notebook just right so the amigurumi doesn't fall over. I've also leaned the notebook up against books and pillows.

2. You can try putting tape on the bottom of the amigurumi. 

The tape may be somewhat visible, but you could edit it out later. I've done this to amigurumis that are a bit top heavy.

3. You can lay the amigurumi down and take the photo from above.

You can also try using a white paper and fold a part of the bottom as a flap for it to stand on. I try this for a more consistent look for shadows in the background.

Whether these work or look good for your amigurumi, depends on the design, size, and the angle of the photo.

Made in May 2012.

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