Red to Teal Hair Without Bleaching

The red was still pretty bright and seemed impossible to go from red to green/teal without bleach.   All I could imagine was this muddy color but it came out mostly fine.

Be prepared that this method is super drying. I grabbed one of those protein deep conditioner treatment packets.  I also didn't dilute the baking soda that much, probably a super great idea for others to do that :P

1) Mix clarifying shampoo and baking soda into a paste.  Left it in and wrapped up my hair for 30 minutes. It actually took out most of the color.

2) Crushed up Vitamin C supplements and mixed it in with clarifying shampoo. Left it in for 40 minutes. Color still came out!

*Baking soda opens up the hair follicle and you'll need to reduce the pH/seal it with a Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.

3) Repeated another baking soda paste for about 15 minutes.

I mix apple cider vinegar and conditioner together. Let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse out. If you hate the smell like me, you can use shampoo and do a conditioning treatment afterwards.

I chose Ion Bright's Teal as a base color.  I ordered Punky's Alpine Green and it came to me in a few days. Quickest shipping ever for the impatient me. :3  It covered all the uneven, dark and blonde pieces!

It would come out much lighter and brighter with freshly bleached hair but it's still awesome and bright enough for me. It's crazy how much color was taken out using these fading methods. My next color will either be Special Effects Fishbowl or Punky's Atlantic Blue or Apple Green :D

You'll get much better results if you do this method and lightly bleach your hair! :)

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  1. if your roots were grown out at all, did it lighten those too?


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