Denim & Floral OOTD

It is my goal to become healthier, flexible and toned. I'm giving myself until my birthday so that's a bit over five months! I have gained 25 pounds in the last two years thanks to yummy drinks. I want to get into better shape because I always die while working out for small periods of time.

Floral Crop Top & Jacket

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I started Tuesday and might have done a total of 20 minutes worth spread out throughout the day. I'm on Day 3 of being sore. All I'm doing is stretching and walking around. In the past I have pushed myself to do a couple of days of those 30 day challenges but I can't walk afterwards for like a week LOL

I really want to focus on measurements rather than weight. If I'm gaining more weight because I'm building muscle then yes. AWESOME. I used to have some baby muscles when I was younger. Now I'm a weak baby that can barely hold bags of heavy groceries. I'll like to cut out meat and diary eventually. I'm not sure how possible it is for me to do without dairy though :( I'm going to focus on veggies and fruit then gradually get there.

Floral Crop Top & Jacket Floral Crop Top & Jacket Floral Crop Top & Jacket Floral Crop Top & Jacket Floral Crop Top & Jacket

jacket- charlotte russe
top- gojane
skirt- gojane
shoes (not pictured)- diy fox
sailor moon pin- gift
other pin- adieholly
This whole outfit is new (went a little crazy during Black Friday) GoJane had some cute crop tops and bottoms for around $2. I'm ready for the summer heat. Wish there were more winter clothing out though. I'll probably scoop up some sweaters on sale when seasons change.

Just tried out Punky's Turquoise for the first time! It was surprising how dark it was and how LITTLE dye I actually used since I mixed conditioner in. Normally I would use Ion Brights Aqua but I wanted to try something new. My camera really doesn't pick up my purple ends at all! I need to mix more red in it since it's a blue based purple haha.



I got an order for two headbands! I used Red Heart for the black and purple. The teal is Wool of the Andes Yarn from KnitPicks! I started with 10 chains for these and did it a bit differently just to secure it into place :)  Surprisingly how I don't have much teal yarn.

Bow Headband Pattern

Jacket- Forever21


I love Tell 'Em Steve Dave and I've been listening since about two years ago. So excited to get my hands on Cryptozoic Man ever since I have heard about it! I love the artwork. Can't wait til I read more.

Flower Hexagon Bag Crochet Pattern

The Flower Hexagon Bag crochet pattern is now available for download! It's a great project to use up leftover yarn. You need approximately 3 yds of main color, .5 yds of contrasting color, and 5 yds of second contrasting color per hexagon.

The pattern includes written instructions, chart, diagrams, and photos. PDF has 5 pages.

Download PDF

Materials & Tools:
 Worsted weight yarn
♥ E/3.5mm crochet hook

Hexagons are about 3" (7.6cm) across between the points and each straight side is about 1.5" (3.8cm). The bag is 10" (25cm) wide and 9" (22.8cm) tall, excluding the straps. Results will vary depending on your tension and your yarn & hook choice.

I also made a Pinterest board for some color inspiration. Check it out for some ideas!

I've been working on pink & yellow ones:

If you make this bag, don't forget to share it on Ravelry or post it in the comments so we can all see! :)

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