Mungo Crafts Review

Mungo Crafts - handmade hoodie Mungo Crafts - handmade hoodie

When April of MungoCrafts contacted me about doing a review for a hoodie, I was super excited! I am familiar with the shop since a few years ago and recently browsed through it again :)

Every hoodie is always one of a kind. They are made with fleece, thrifted sweatshirts, and/or vintage materials.  I love looking at it closely because of how well made it is. The quality and craftsmanship is really amazing. It has strong stitching and I know this hoodie will last a long time. I'm jealous and wish I had sewing skills... Plus loving this awesome flap hood design.

Mungo Crafts - handmade hoodie Mungo Crafts - handmade hoodie

I was able to wear this out in 80 degree weather. The fleece is so soft and comfortable to wear!

Mungo Crafts - handmade hoodie
Another thing that I love about this is it's fitted.  I've worn too many sweatshirts and hoodies that made me feel like I was hiding under the bagginess.   I'm short but the length is perfect because I'm covered when I wear leggings. 

Handmade items are always extra special to me. Little touches make for the best brand IMO.  It has a handmade hand printed tag inside.. it's very comfortable! I'm known to rip out itchy tags haha.  I also really adore these business cards. 

Mungo Crafts
Mungo Crafts

Highly recommend!  The colors and print combinations are unique. I already know I'll be ordering one in the future.


Favorites: Gertrude Made

I wanted to share one of my favorite dressmakers, Cathi! She runs a handmade shop called Gertrude Made that has dresses made with vintage fabrics. I don't remember if I found an image on instagram or by chance on Facebook but I fell in love with her work!

These are my dream dresses! It's out of my budget but these handmade pretties are too beautiful not to save up for or get as a gift. She does custom ones as well! Isn't it awesome that some of these have pockets??

You can add on new vintage fabric from a library on instagram to your order. Swoon, right? The majority are pretty florals which will always be my #1 love.

These really inspire me to go thrifting for more fabric and actually attempt to make a dress. I wish I had a pretty collection of vintage fabric!


Sailor Moon hats

I really love Sailor Neptune and wanted to make a beanie in her colors! I'm really considering cosplaying as her one day because I do want to revisit teal hair and get started with sewing again. I'll basically have a year so that may be enough time to create it.

 Sailor Neptune Crochet Hat
Sailor Neptune Crochet Hat
Sailor Chibi Moon Crochet Hat
Sailor Moon Crochet Beanie Hat
Sailor Moon Crochet Beanie Hat

I created this etsy months ago and now I have a reason to list items up.  I know some people prefer physical items so anything sold will be deemed as a donation towards Bella! I want to say thanks to those who have shard my shop, links, donated money, bought ads, etc. It has been a super slow for nearly 2 months which started to discourage me. Bella went in for a check up and we're just waiting to see how the medication is for her. She's normally a lazy pup anyways but these meds have turned her into a complete zombie, it's weird. We are supposed to get a call back soon from the vet to see how she's doing. I'm sure she's fine :)

Have a great Monday!


Cute Finds

Starry Eyed

Can I have the bow and the hair too?! I still want this aliens tote!

This is just too adorable! I love the mermaid :)

Mungo Crafts

These are hoodies are awesome. They look so comfy and soft!


I am loving all of these cute tiny fruit jewelry. There's lime , orange, watermelon and lemon too!

Mini Penny Vintage

I love this. I was hoping this was a dress but a skirt could be much more versatile anyways.

Lovely Girl Hearts

Princess Bubblegum cutie ♥

Ugly Plants

Can I go a post without featuring something Sailor Moon? Probably not. Donuts and Sailor Moon/Luna= yes. They also have an awesome Luna P 

I would really love this. It's kind of creepy haha

RadLove Vintage
How cool, right? I don't ever remember seeing one of these as a kid!


Another OOTD

Obviously I have already made a mental note of no more floral. This dress has been sitting in my dresser for awhile now. I don't really own any clothing with a neckline like that because usually it's really tight. Luckily this material is light enough and not constricting! I really love blue and floral together. I had got this with intentions of altering the top to be more of a tank top. Maybe!

A rare makeup day! I have been embracing little makeup to none lately just to give my face a break and to save money since I ran out of lots of products at the same time. Why does that always happen haha?
I used Sleek Makeup's Pout Paint in Mauve Over and added some purple eyeshadow to it. It's funny how I feel comfortable with that color but a pink or red lip feels like I'm in a costume.

The wind kind of destroyed the updo I did lol.
dress- forever21 | shoes- payless | plugs- plugclub
Happy Monday!!!


OOTD + ufo~

Wait For You by Doe Eye on Grooveshark

Switching things up by pairing skirts with dresses. I may need new skirts to magically appear?? I should probably just get some elastic and use up my fabric instead. Not the good, pretty kind though haha! I know it's not officially summer yet but it really feels like it.  The heat is nice and not unbearable yet, you'll definitely hear about me melting on Twitter when it happens. 👌

Being creative comes in bursts for me and I always try to take advantage of it. Sometimes I start too many things and get distracted then eventually too unmotivated to complete it. It reminds me of my many past crochet projects always becoming WIP's forever. Right now I'm working on a few designs. Recently had a client fall through so I'm wondering if I should add that one to my shop.

I didn't realize how much I missed crocheting. I donated most of my craft supplies months ago and slowly started to regret it. My yarn order finally arrived recently after waiting 2 weeks and now I'm ready to design an Eevee! ♥ I am also thinking about photography again. I should do it! Summer plans will happen. I do want to do a shoot that is more candid and fun but with pretty hair, makeup and clothes haha.

 👽 A few days ago we saw a UFO from my window. I want to believe it was a toy because I WANT IT.  I know exactly where it was last seen and thinking of going there to find out.  It was so awesome and creepy to see it move so fast and in all sorts of directions! It actually got closer but we didn't hear any noise. My boyfriend recorded it on his phone but the video really doesn't show the movement OR colors well. Of course I got caught up in the excitement to even think about taking my camera out. Plus it being a full frame wouldn't capture it close enough anyways.

Does anyone have stories to share of any weird stuff?


Sharing the video with you all!


Latest works

Earlier this year I had started to read Sailor Moon again. I sketched out some scenes for funsies. It's much easier for me to draw something that I can see rather than from my imagination. I did do a drawing of Princess Bubblegum below that's slightly NSFW but I swapped "naughty" bits with candy nips.  I have been using copic's ciao markers.

I remember hearing a lot when I was young that you can't be a real artist if you use references. I just don't care. It's been helpful to practice some poses when I'm blanking. I started to learn some anatomy as well to hopefully engrave it in my head.  I'm not one of those people that everything has to be 100% correct.  I think understanding it better would make it easier to get a basic form down.

I have actually never worked with markers before. It's intimidating. I did get Copic's colorless blender to help fix spillage out of the lines haha.I hope to get a laptop and scanner soon! It seems impossible to get decent lighting without a lightbox.

Sailor Chibi Moon copic ciao markers
Strawberry booty copic ciao markers

Sailor Moon copic ciao markers
Princess Bubblegum

I may be missing from the blog for a little bit.
Bella had an uncontrollable seizure Sunday night that escalated to clusters which lasted over 2 hours. This was a first. It was terrifying to rush to the vet and wait.  They said they can usually stop it.. which planted horrible thoughts into my head. :( The bill for an overnight stay was going to be $1300. Isn't that crazy??  We took her home instead and kept an eye out for her.  We were going to put her on medication soon but this incident sped things up. She's doing much better now. She won't be herself for 2 weeks at least. 
We have a Youcaring page up right now if you'll like to read more/share/contribute! 

I have been contemplating whether to make another Etsy just for my handmade things.  This feels like the extra push that I needed. I'll be adding Sailor Moon hats to it!

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