Sailor Moon hats

5:32 PM

I really love Sailor Neptune and wanted to make a beanie in her colors! I'm really considering cosplaying as her one day because I do want to revisit teal hair and get started with sewing again. I'll basically have a year so that may be enough time to create it.

 Sailor Neptune Crochet Hat
Sailor Neptune Crochet Hat
Sailor Chibi Moon Crochet Hat
Sailor Moon Crochet Beanie Hat
Sailor Moon Crochet Beanie Hat

I created this etsy months ago and now I have a reason to list items up.  I know some people prefer physical items so anything sold will be deemed as a donation towards Bella! I want to say thanks to those who have shard my shop, links, donated money, bought ads, etc. It has been a super slow for nearly 2 months which started to discourage me. Bella went in for a check up and we're just waiting to see how the medication is for her. She's normally a lazy pup anyways but these meds have turned her into a complete zombie, it's weird. We are supposed to get a call back soon from the vet to see how she's doing. I'm sure she's fine :)

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