Mostly Monochrome

Black & White Floral 3

I put this crop top over my cat face dress and put a belt over it to hold it into place. Win!! I'll love if this was a dress instead since this top is really short! This is mostly monochrome... I think this is a good enough excuse to start looking for some black boots and a bag. Those two things I prefer thrifting for.. I always find something I like!

Black & White Floral- Bag
Black & White Floral - shoes
top/shoes- forever21  dress-ebay  bag/belt-thrifted

Black & White Floral 2

I'm going to do the Curly Girl Method (again) to enhance my natural waves. Those were pretty wild when I had the longer hair and it was just so weighed down. I can get more defined and bouncy results now. I'll share any products and hopefully convince others to stop using those sulfates and silicones. Good thing my scalp is already used to it because the transitioning period is gross.

If you didn't notice my awesome nails over instagram... it's Kiss Everlasting French tips in PETITE. I have never found something that could fit my tiny nails ever. The glue is alright, must find something better.

Counting down the days until I can get my own laptop! It'll be nice to cuddle up in blankets with the pups during winter or be next to my boyfriend on the bed while we work or play Maplestory. It's been months without playing and I'll like to *finally* get beyond the level 100+ range. I am sure my butt of a boyfriend will want to make a new character. Booooo

Black & White Floral


Vulpix Amigurumi

Vulpix has always been part of my huge list of favorite Pokemon.  You can't just choose one! haha I don't know why it has taken me so long to even make one.  The head was actually done months ago but a mix of projects and procrastination got into the way. I saw it sitting in my camera bag looking unfinished and pathetic. It became top priority!

I plan to make more Pokemon but keeping the size small like this.  I can't imagine doing another monster size like my Eevee. Definitely adding Ninetales and all of the Eeveelutions to the list!! I'm going to make a Vulpix just for me and turn it into a keychain. I could only fit 5 tails on it though.  I want to improve on the arms and legs.. maybe an extra stitch around?

Vulpix Amigurumi
Vulpix Amigurumi
Vulpix Amigurumi
Check my shop link since I'll make more soon! 

It's always fun to crochet pieces but assembling/sewing the pieces can take so long haha.  What Pokemon would you like to see next?


Another typical print

Ion Brights Mint and Lavender

This is drastic but not an impulsive cut. I have been wanting this for too long.. so glad I did this over some long layers. It's much more soft, bouncy and light. Cut is done by  @colorriot!! It has more life to it in comparison to that long, limp mess that was going on.  It needs more pink eventually, right? haha

 Ion Brights Mint and Lavender Ion Brights Mint and Lavender

This dress is new on the blog! I really liked it at the time and got it anyway when it was one size smaller.   I can manage to fit in it but it requires another person to fully zip me in and out of it.  I love that it's fitted but prefer getting out of clothing easy. Not sure if this is going in my keep pile or going in my shopmycloset instead.

I realized quickly that two sweatshirts weren't going to be enough in this weather and today my package should come!  I don't really have a right to complain about the cold when it's snowing for some of you.  It's been barely below 70 degrees and my hands just turn into ice.  /baby

I plan to make some fingerless gloves! I haven't made any before but I am definitely having a ton of puff stitches in it. I'll share pictures when it's done :D

Happy Tuesday!


Freebies: Fonts

These are some fonts I made awhile back for fun. My handwriting is the worst since I developed the habit of writing *too* quickly.  Yay for a redo button! These were made with a stylus and/or my fingers in an app called InstaFontMaker.


I love handwritten fonts or all caps in bold. I love that comic book font style.

Font2 Free Handwritten Font
Rosebud Font
Emerald Font
If you have an Android, you should use it and share some fonts!!


Fawn Header + New Design

How often do I change my design? Too much! I wanted to try something new and challenge myself with drawing, coding and using a new color palette. It's funny how I used to stray away from pinks but now I'm putting it more into my work and being open to wearing it!

This was my color palette that inspired me:

I wanted to complete this in a few days and it was a struggle since I'm not too creative under a deadline. Simple designs are much easier than mixing colors and doing illustrations.

That font used in my menu and this palette will be available to download soon! Plus a few others I made too. :) 

When I created this blog, I quickly doodled a fawn and tried to put it into the design to see if it would work. Nope. Didn't like it one bit.  I turned it into my favicon though!

But here we go... this is something different! Of course it needed floral. I'm counting this header as my third piece for my weekly art challenge. Last weekend was my boyfriend's birthday and a day after was a rare moment I got sick... so definitely didn't go online to draw haha

I didn't share last week's art challenge, whoops!  I'm such a master at shading, you guys. Hair is so complicated.

Have you changed your design yet or are you waiting for the new year? :D


Top 5 Apps for Photography

Here's a list of my top five apps for photography :)




 This reminded me of using a DSLR and being able to edit like the way you could in RAW. You can apply filters and double click on it to lower the effect. There's also a little menu you can open and click the wrench to get access to the adjustments. My favorite setting has to be the highlights to fix my overexposed images. You can save them to your gallery or share them on social media/grid. You can pay for extra filters if you want them. The only downside is that you can't zoom in the app when you're trying to take a picture.

Free on Google Play 4.0+ |  iTunes iOS 6.0+ 


Camera app

Line Camera
 I had to download the Line app first and make an account to get access to this app. You can go to either Beauty or Design.

Beauty you can adjust your brightness and softness to smooth out your skin. This is great for makeup close ups. The beauty section is basically a mini Photoshop. You can set points on your face to enlarge or slim body parts. My favorite settings on here are from the Skin Care section. You can use Blemishes or Dark Circles to blur out bumps, messy makeup (hai mascara), brighten dark circles or soften any shadows.

Design has a number of filters you can play around with plus the usual adjustments. There's also some free frames you can use or you can pay for extra ones. The best part of this app are the stamps! There are free ones you can download and they only last a few months before new ones take over. You might have seen some of them on @nerdburgercazz :) You can place them anywhere, adjust the size and also add text in this app.

Free on Google Play 4.0+ & iTunes iOS 6.0+




 I waited not so patiently for this to be available for Androids! This is my favorite app to use now. It comes with pretty filters that can work for landscape, portraits and regular snapshots.  You can also adjust clarify, brightness, contrast and more settings. I personally prefer the sharpen setting in this app over Instagram's. You can reverse the sharpen here but it will blur the whole image. So Instagram does win for selective blurring.

The other effects are adjustable overlays and light leaks. They have an interesting selection of cut outs in the usual shapes but also in numbers, letters, symbols and random ones. Plus you have options for sizes (square is perfect for instagram), wallpaper options (costs extra) or you could do a regular background. Press done and you can easily save/share. This app can be a little laggy though.

$0.99 on Google Play 4.0.3+ & iTunes iOS 6.0+

InstaPic app

Square InstaPic
I prefer this for my collages since it's simple and quick. You can remove the border, choose your style of collage and easily swap or flip the images. This app also has some filters, the usual adjustments and you can use one photo if you prefer. You are able to use the crop or the zoom button to get your image as a square for instagram. They also have an option to add a background color or choose from one of their wallpapers. You can press the instagram icon to post to the app too! I usually go back and have the menu pop up to save as a PNG to my gallery.

Free in Google Play

No Crop 


No Crop

 This app has way more wallpaper options! You can have cute patterns like animals, florals, nautical theme, etc. It has some filters but you can't adjust the intensity on those. There's many stickers and frames you can use though! You can also place text on it and choose some nice fonts. You are able to add text too.

Free in Google Play 4.0+


Choies + Mini Lookbook Video


Watermelon Dress
 top- thrifted dress- c/o choies belt-forever21 shoes- thrifted coin purse- c/o choies


Watermelon Dress

Watermelon Dress

Thanks to Choies for sending me these to try out! I really loved the quality of the pieces. These are my first tops with collars that actually button up without feeling tight. That means I can get those cute collar clips, you GUYS!!! Excited I won't be missing out anymore haha. It really is a cute dress and the waist is open so it's really comfortable (for my food babies). I'm barely 5'2" so if you're tall.. it might be too much of a mini dress!  Though I can see this being hemmed shorter as a cute shirt.

They are having a sale on some items so I bought something for myself. Nope, it wasn't even a dress. How strange of me. I am sure 90% it won't fit but I am kind of hopeful and it was half off so it's all good. If anything, I'll just use that item for a giveaway.

top- thrifted dress- c/o choies belt-forever21 shoes-thrifted coin purse- c/o choies

This is pretty tiny and adorable. I love the floral lining inside!!

Normally I only wear crochet/knit beanies but this is a first! I've worn it a couple of times. I kind of feel like a witch. I did have a separate outfit planned to go with this but it is too freezing to wear out!

Choies Hat
Choies Hat
hat- c/o choies top/cardigan-forever21

Isn't it bad that I've had this new camera for basically a year and never once bothered to use the video? I decided to do a quick lil lookbook to test it out. Maybe I'll do a longer video or do something crafty... I know visual might help others with my patterns.  The only issue is the constant barking or airplanes going over.

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