OUTFIT: Stripes & Florals

One of my favorite mixes to wear together. It's so difficult to photograph this skirt's colors. It's more pink in person. It definitely needs to be resewn in places especially the buttons. It was sold to me with a tear near one of the pockets but if I fix it, my waist can't squeeze into it lol.

Stripes & Florals OOTDStripes & Florals OOTD
top-charlotte russe  skirt- thrifted  shoes-thrifted
I changed my old instagram into a craft one. It's called tinymooncrochet. I always want to share more pictures, doodles and WIP's but feel like it would clog my other account.  Crafts aren't everyone's thing and it would be nice to connect with other crafters/designers.

Stripes & Florals OOTD
You may have seen me post this on my social media but I thought I'll ask here. I am designing a logo for Tiny Moon! The responses I got were AMAZING but it's still a tie! lol So far the *most*  favorites are for the first two and the bottom left. Feel free to vote in the comments!


I like the style of the top row but I'm also into the bold font from the bottom. Decisions! haha


New Mood // New Design

I've had this new layout for a little while. It was time to steer away from the usual black and white and put some color into my blog again. I plan to experiment with more color palettes as a challenge.  I'm ready and all inspired to create EVERYTHING. I love it but I have too many ideas and lists to keep focused. I can safely say my depression has left.

I would love to do start doing online illustrations and watercolour/traditional pieces... those two things I'm not great with. I'll rather start learning now. I always felt like a failure because I LOVED doing drawings but the sketch and lineart always came out way better than my horrible coloring.

I made my first Storenvy theme over the weekend.  It was actually pretty fun to do. I don't remember if I mentioned this on the blog yet but I have more time to do custom Blogger designs & mini's!

I also remade one of my templates. I am loving these brush fonts.. wish I could get more. So jealous of people who have brush pens and can whip out that pretty handwriting. It's also on my list but let's be realistic.. mine is basically chicken scratch ಠ╭╮ಠ

What projects have you been doing lately? Share your pictures/links in the comments!!


Charmander Amigurumi

I made this Charmander a few weeks ago for someone. I love that simple and chibi look to amigurumi. This one is medium sized (guessing 5 or 6" tall) but I'm thinking of having another go at it with some tweaks. Maybe overall smaller but with a larger fire on it's tail.

Charmander Amigurumi
Charmander Amigurumi

I should probably make a Pikachu by now, right? I want to take on all the Starter Pokemon soon as a challenge. So many ideas but I'm sticking to one amigurumi at a time or otherwise my space will be covered in WIP's.

More amigurumi posts here or view the Pokemon only. :D

What's your top 3 favorite Pokemon?


Monterey Bay Aquarium + News

It was our 5th anniversary on Friday and he took the day off so that was a nice surprise. We took a random trip to Monterey Bay and spent a few hours wandering around the aquarium.  I even bugged him to drop by the beach since it was on the way back.

Monterey Bay Aquarium 5
Santa Cruz

We didn't eat actual food over there so our plan was to pick up some and then go home.  I wasn't paying attention and he drove into the parking lot of our middle school  to a spot where we first met! I thought he was being weird/hungry and really wanted to stop to eat in fresh air. He proposed! I've picked up on all the tiny signs and behavior now. A little late.


He is not someone that is able to keep secrets so that was equally shocking.

This is the first time I actually got to see all of my favorites: giant octopus, cuttlefish and jellies. Lucky day!
Monterey Bay Aquarium 2
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Monterey Bay Aquarium 7
Monterey Bay Aquarium 4
Monterey Bay Aquarium 3
Monterey Bay Aquarium 6


Blue & Pink hair with Luxury For Princess

Here is my new hair! This blue is so amazing and intense. Keeping forever, hopefully. These extensions are from Luxury For Princess. I ordered their Pearl Blonde 160 grams in a 22" length and decided to trim it to help blend.

A few months ago I got familiar with this brand by doing this dye job. I think it's pretty good quality for the price. I learned to conceal the bottom layer of my hair by twisting and pinning it in place.

Honestly I was put off on buying hair extensions for a long time because some brands were charging around $200 for a decent length and thickness. Plus there were just so many clips haha.  I do love having the option to go back to short. Maybe I should have cut all my hair off earlier and not damage my own hair!?

Turns out my Sally's didn't carry the new neon dyes! I never learn. :( This store always disappoints in person! I'm not sure if or when they will stock up but you can order them online here.

Luxury for Princess hair extensions
Rockabilly Blue and Ion Brights Sky Blue mixed together. Ion Brights Magenta at the ends!

Just a reminder that Rockabilly Blue is still pretty staining. My walls are blue. Don't touch your hair too much or you get blue hands. No joke. Why are the beautiful colors a pain in the butt? I'm honestly scared of the first shower. New hair

cropped top- forever21 skirt/shoes-charlotte russe

Where do you go to get some cheap cute tops? 

I'm on a tight budget so my first option is thrifting but I'm open to other options. I seriously only have crop tops and tank tops. Those run out so fast. Forever21 was my go-to but nearly everything was cropped. I love them but sometimes it's too short or cold. I just want a regular length top to cover my navel.


Cute Finds

Mushroom Pin

Deconstructed Sweetness Tee Shirt

Ghouls Night Out

Ceramic Vase

Succulent plugs

Boston Terrier Bag

Facial Primer + Daily Detox Moisturizer

Blue Floral Dress

T-Rex Shower Head

Alice In Wonderland Notebook

Bear Pillow Plush

Daisy- Girl Interrupted

Lemon Popsicle Brooch
It's funny I always tell myself to do a theme for this series but I end up finding so many things I want to share at once haha. I really wish I had more money so I can do a little shopping spree!

What's your favorite here?


Help me decide my next haircolors!

My purple is pretty faded out right now so it'll be an easy lift. I also ordered some extensions because honestly, I miss curling my hair so much. I attempted the other week with my iron but burned myself since it's so short.

Custom pink mix. The rest are Ion Brights Aqua, Ion Brights Mint and Ion Brights Lavender.

Bleached blonde, Ion Brights Lavender, Punky Purple, Atlantic Blue and Ion Brights Teal.

Ion Brights Aqua, Ion Brights Red ombre, RAW Deep Purple and Punky Lagoon Blue

Ion Brights came out with NEW colors and it's so tempting to try these ones out! I hope it's already in my stores. It's one of my favorite inexpensive dyes. I know people complain about it being too thick but that's why you add conditioner. It's amazing.

I'm leaning towards this blue (Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue) on top but since the extensions are extremely long by default.. why not add more colors/shades? 

Open to suggestions!  :D


Exposed Skincare- Part 1

Exposed Skincare is an acne treatment brand that uses a combination of Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid to improve and prevent acne. I have always gotten cystic acne so I really wanted to see if this would work. This kit comes with a facial cleanser, clearing tonic, treatment serum, clear pore serum and a derm-X cloth.

Exposed Skincare

My acne comes back in the same spots and it's usually deep under the skin. Always at the lower jaw/cheeks. These products have acne fighting medicine and pure natural extracts in it for healing. My boyfriend and I will be sharing this since we have the same type of acne/scarring.

Exposed Skincare 5 product kit</a><br>
<div style=

Facial Cleanser
- This is a gentle, laurel/laureth sulfate free and paraben free product. It clears clogged pores with Salicylic Acid and detoxifies skin with sage extract! There is also pro vitamin B5 to regulate oil production.

Clearing Tonic- It re-balances your skin by returning it back to it's natural PH! The green tea extract and passion flower work together to heal, protect and reduce inflammation. It prepares the skin for the treatment serum.

Acne Treatment Serum- Benzoyl Peroxide kills acne bacteria and this is applied for an all day skin repair. It also has green tea extract and tea tree. I've personally used tea tree oil on my skin and it was amazing. I'm real excited about this serum!

Clear Pore Serum- A all night pore cleaning! Sounds great, right? This uses gentle Salicylic acid, green tea extract and licorice root extract to reduce inflammation.

Derm-X Cloth- This is a super soft cloth for deep exfoliation.

There's a quick start guide that gives you information/tips about the routine. I'm doubling up on water but I can't make promises about avoiding dairy haha. There's an adjustment period your skin will go through when you use new products. I know I'll experience flare up since I didn't have a set skin routine to begin with.

The morning and evening routine is pretty much the same: facial cleanser and clearing tonic. You apply the acne serum during the day and the clear pore serum at night. Only a small amount of product is needed. I suggest to be extra careful with the toner because it is a liquid and it may splatter out upon opening.

Exposed Skincare
This is only the 5 product kit and they do carry others that contain masks, scrubs, body wash and even probiotic capsules.

Here is my before shot and 3 days later progress. 
Exposed Skincare Before
All of these bumps were under the skin and would have stayed there for weeks but within 3 days-- it came to surface.
Exposed Skincare 3 days use
I have only been using these products and aloe moisturizer but my skin isn't really that sensitive with Benzoyl Peroxide. I didn't expect any dryness or burning.  It's been a week now and it's almost gone.

Here's his before shot!

I'll add his progress shot when I can bug him for a picture.

I received this kit from Brandbacker to review. There will be two more updates in 2 months just to follow up with progress. I am hoping for great results!
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