Inktober Roundup

I mostly did digital art for Inktober. I was trying to speed up my art process since I go from basic sketch, scan and a more detailed sketch in my program.   It wasn't too bad! Just need more practice and learning time.


Rebranding: Tiny Moon Etsy

I couldn't do much for #inktober this year. I'm still cleaning up some pieces I've made so I'll share that very soon!  I'm venturing into responsive design, Wordpress, WooCommerce and PHP all at once. Like a crazy person. It's eating up most of my time.

Of course the thought of a rebrand came up while I was setting up Wordpress. Tiny Moon will most likely go live first. I'm hoping to add new products, better pictures and soon... art prints!  Part of the rebrand made me evaluate everything and I felt like the visual part no longer fit.  I didn't want to do minimal anymore.  I went out of my comfort zone to use colors and keep it cute with graphics.

Our shop is basically filled up with cute items so why not match it?

Instantly knew I wanted something more cartoon. A soft, round bubble font with at least a small moon and some animal. I was thinking ahead as well:  cute animal logo on future packaging.

One suggestion for the animal was a fox but this is rather funny: both of us already have foxes in our other shops. You can take a look here & here.  That would be too much!  I did some quick sketches then scanned it.

Since I'm more of a visual person, I knew I had to draw some up to use as placeholders. (Added a leaf on the cat's head for funsies.) That bottom logo was my original idea from the sketch but it didn't pop for me.  I also refused to cop out and stick with the usual white space.

These are the final results. I made various sizes for the shop and social media. Plus using a cute cat as a profile image/avatar is fun.

It took awhile to finally settle on colors. I limited it down to this pastel palette. A thick white stroke was added to make the font and moon stand out.  It's definitely still on the simple side but is unlike our previous branding which was mostly white space.

What do you think?


Forever Young - Vintage Vixen Wig Review (HL4-33)

I love wigs and started wearing them about 5 years ago when I shaved my head after my hair turned to poop. It seemed like it was a better idea to start over rather than to salvage the mess. Now my hair is around shoulder length but nearly impossible to style so I still like to wear wigs every once in a while.

It took me a long time to decide on which wig to get because I don't think most sites provide enough photos or even realistic ones. Either the model's wig is heavily styled and/or photoshopped or they only show one model photo and the rest are tiny color swatches. It's also difficult finding customer reviews with photos that aren't taken in a dark room.

This is my second Forever Young Vintage Vixen wig. This one is the color HL4-33, Medium Dark Brown highlighted with Dark Auburn. There is a white house on my right reflecting the sun and making the auburn pop! (Also, check out my Graptoveria Moonglow babies!!)

The first Vintage Vixen wig I got can kinda be seen here in color 2, Dark Brown. For that one, I cut the bangs really short. It's actually still in okay condition years later but I really wanted to get a lighter color and the long bangs again.

This is one of my favorite wigs. It's wavy with long layers, not too thick or thin, not too shiny for synthetic fibers, and it looks natural. Also the colors are so pretty! This is a perfect wig to wear every day.

The photo on this tag is the photo that was originally on the websites for this wig but it seemed it has been replaced by a new one. Just the overall style of this photo was what made me want to get this wig actually. You can style the bangs like shown there but I wouldn't recommend it because it's not comfortable getting stabbed in the eyes!

Do you have any favorite wig brands or shops? I've tried some other Forever Young brand wigs that I might post later. I also bought some $20 cosplay ones from eBay before but the quality isn't as good. They turn into a rat's nest quickly.


Bear Ice Cream Amigurumi

Bear Ice Cream Amigurumi
Bear Ice Cream Amigurumi
I made these cute little guys awhile back just using scrap supplies. It's fun to work with different yarn. I'm known to take other people's scrap yarn and supplies. Not a great thing to continue doing when trying to declutter but these are at least useful things. I'm all for free!

Any small amount of yarn, thread or fabric can be used for something like noses and mouths. I actually have a lot of old thread that I thought about tossing because I had nothing to match it with.  I'm letting those limitations go and just using whatever I have. Being too exact can get boring.

I plan to mix more colors when I have the chance to splurge on tons of new yarn! I feel like I'm the worst at choosing colors on my own especially mixing odd combinations together.  I've seen many pretty granny squares on instagram and never would have paired some colors like that.

These tiny bears inspired me to draw a triple scoop version. I must have shared this already but it's always cool to pop up again. My drawing had panda bears in it! I didn't have any felt to use and stores don't have much options for pastel colors. :(  I kind of want to make an octopus one after seeing this.  Remove the ears and it'll be awesome, right?
 Bear Ice Cream AmigurumiBear Ice Cream Amigurumi

I was given these two colors last year and couldn't figure out what to use it for. I am loving the soft texture. I'm assuming this has to be baby yarn? It's probably overdone but I'm leaning towards making a bear or at least some other furry animal! Furry bear ice cream.. even though anything furry in food sounds pretty gross haha


Forgotten Floral Dress

One of my forgotten outfits from summer. I never really got the chance to wear this dress out before I sold it. I went a little crazy buying floral dresses off of instagram years ago.  I'm down to my last pile for ebay and it's exciting to get rid of everything so I can have money for new things to wear.
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