Forever Young - Vintage Vixen Wig Review (HL4-33)

I love wigs and started wearing them about 5 years ago when I shaved my head after my hair turned to poop. It seemed like it was a better idea to start over rather than to salvage the mess. Now my hair is around shoulder length but nearly impossible to style so I still like to wear wigs every once in a while.

It took me a long time to decide on which wig to get because I don't think most sites provide enough photos or even realistic ones. Either the model's wig is heavily styled and/or photoshopped or they only show one model photo and the rest are tiny color swatches. It's also difficult finding customer reviews with photos that aren't taken in a dark room.

This is my second Forever Young Vintage Vixen wig. This one is the color HL4-33, Medium Dark Brown highlighted with Dark Auburn. There is a white house on my right reflecting the sun and making the auburn pop! (Also, check out my Graptoveria Moonglow babies!!)

The first Vintage Vixen wig I got can kinda be seen here in color 2, Dark Brown. For that one, I cut the bangs really short. It's actually still in okay condition years later but I really wanted to get a lighter color and the long bangs again.

This is one of my favorite wigs. It's wavy with long layers, not too thick or thin, not too shiny for synthetic fibers, and it looks natural. Also the colors are so pretty! This is a perfect wig to wear every day.

The photo on this tag is the photo that was originally on the websites for this wig but it seemed it has been replaced by a new one. Just the overall style of this photo was what made me want to get this wig actually. You can style the bangs like shown there but I wouldn't recommend it because it's not comfortable getting stabbed in the eyes!

Do you have any favorite wig brands or shops? I've tried some other Forever Young brand wigs that I might post later. I also bought some $20 cosplay ones from eBay before but the quality isn't as good. They turn into a rat's nest quickly.

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