New Wig & Delicate Tangles Flower Hair Extension

I'm trying to not be a vampire while it's cold and rainy outside. I got this new wig from eBay since most of mine are either dark purple or dark brown. This one is still purpley but at least it's brighter? I have no idea what other colors would work on me.

The roses are a flower braid hair extension from Delicate Tangles. It has a clip (like hair extensions) and there's 3 clear strands that hang from it with several flowers per strand.

I didn't even know this was a thing until I somehow stumbled on it somewhere, maybe Instagram. I like it more than just using individual flowers on hair clips because I only need to worry about one clip! I got the 10" length and I was sure it was going to work with my real hair but my hair is still not long enough. I'm pretty sure my hair stopped growing a year ago, probably because of all my health issues.

Do you like flower braid hair extensions or do you prefer hair clips or headbands?


Blythe Reroot

I'm not really into dolls but I do like trying new things so I thought I'd try customizing a blythe fakie for fun. I started off with a reroot because I like pretty fibers!!

I bought a rubber scalp from Cool Cat and used about 1oz of pink lilac ombre teeswater locks from LiaRiabaRussa and 1.2oz of purple wensleydate locks from PinkLambUK!

I really like the texture and the width of the locks as they are so I didn't want to brush them out or make the plugs much smaller.

Thatching the partline.

I wanted to keep the length so I did the knot method and used a rooting tool to make all the holes and then I pulled the strands through with a 1.30mm crochet hook.

Now I need to change the eye chips and paint the eyelids. I might try carving the face and changing the eyelashes some other time.

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