Waiting for Spring OOTD

I'm getting ready for spring!! I quickly put this together because I only like to dress up on weekdays when everyone is out!! 

It's almost time to retire this dress, I'm pretty sure it magically got shorter and bigger in the bust in the past years ;) But I'm waiting for a purpley version of this dress to come out somewhere first! Or maybe I'll just have to sew up one myself.

I had to stock up on some Elf Matte Lip Colors to go with my new wigs and dresses and now Berry Sorbet is my new favorite after being attached to a mix of Tea Rose + Nyx Copenhagen for so long. 

rings - LizHutnick & Amazon
rose hair clip - DIY
moon kitty bow necklace - Kuma Crafts
dress - Forever21
wig - eBay

I'm getting obsessed with this wig now, I wasn't really in love with it at first due to some of the flaws near the part line but I don't really care about it anymore! Purple + pink forever!

I'm also obsessed with the Sailor Moon jewelry from Kuma Crafts... I have so much trouble deciding which colors to buy because they all look so good! I think I want all the cat stuff in all the variations... and the heart designs.. and basically everything, yes.

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