Trying Fiverr for fun!

I've known about Fiverr for years but I never bought anything on there because at the time I mostly just remembered seeing weird gigs like "I'll put your shop name on this sign in the middle of nowhere for $5!".

So I just thought about the site recently because my pattern shops are going through some sloooow months. I set up my own gigs for graphic design and helping people with their blogs or shops. I got an order for a logo design within a week of adding my gig.

I just submit to buyer requests everyday. (I wish they still had this kind of thing on Etsy though, don't even remember what it was called!) That seems to be the best way for new sellers to get their first orders & reviews.

For me, I think it's a great way to get to practice being more social... like working with clients and trying to figure out what they actually want. And learning how to not get butthurt when they don't really like it!

Here's a few logos that I've done in the past weeks:

I also try to help Etsy shops owners by promoting their shops and improving their SEO & marketing strategies. It's usually easy for me to look at a shop and see why it's not getting views or sales. 

It's interesting that some people think they just have to upload their items, forget about it, and it'll sell themselves. But it's also pretty funny giving advice to people and I don't really even follow it myself (because I'm lazy or just not great at sharing my personal life).

Now I just might actually put more effort into advertising my own Etsy shops... (but not right now now, of course.)

So have you tried anything new or different lately?

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