Crocheting In One Loop Only for Both Loop Patterns

I've had some testers crochet my amigurumi patterns (that are done in both loops) in the back loop only. Some were under the impression that doing one loop only wouldn't alter the overall size or proportions.

But as you can see in these crocheted row swatches, working in one loop only will make the stitches taller than working in both loops. (Stitches look a bit different when working in the round but the size difference is still about the same!)

single crochet through both loops (sc), single crochet through front loop only (sc flo) and single crochet through back loop only (sc blo).

(Photo/Caption Credit: Annette Petavy)

If you want to crochet a both loops pattern in one loop only, you might want to do less rounds/rows to get the same proportions/size as specified in the pattern. But look over the pattern first because some designs use sc blo for certain features.

Check out the Mini Pig Amigurumi made in both loops only:

And haleybun's made in the back loops only:

Do you prefer crocheting in back loops only or both loops (or even the front loops only?!) I've always liked how both loops looked on amigurumi but I've been trying to do more back loops only projects... mostly because I can finish them a little faster since the rounds are taller ;)

Made in June 2013.

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