Amethyst & Turquoise Flower Bracelets

Hello! I started another project. I've been trying to use up my jewelry supplies that I've collected the past years because they're taking up too much space.

I switch between hobbies quickly so I have tons of seed beads for bead looming leftover as well as wires for wire wrapping. I also have some extra stuff from making my cosplay jewelry.

I really love these flower sliders from Michaels. I bought the set that had 2 purples and 1 champagne color months ago so I could make this bracelet to match an outfit:

I made an attached chain ring and wire wrapped bicone crystal beads.

I finally used the purple flowers this month to make this simple bracelet design. I had to go buy more findings and matching beads like these amethyst stone beads. So pretttty!!

Plus I had to get the blue flower version as well and it's matching turquoise beads. I tried to incorporate more of my leftover beads in these designs. I used some metal spacer beads & seed beads in turquoise, teal, and brown.

I try to not plan out every single detail or get too attached to an idea, since the point of this little project is to just use up my beads. If something doesn't quite turn out the way I wanted, someone else will probably like it I guess!

It gets difficult when I keep getting ideas and I don't have the materials I imagined it would have or even have the skills to make the design. I'm trying to not buy more supplies!!

Sometimes I'll just select a random mix of beads to make like a "scrap bracelet" or just grab the last colors of some leftover beads I have and try to put them together.

My goal is to make at least one bracelet or necklace a day!

What are you working on lately?

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