Crochet Octopus Phone Cozy DIY

Hello! I wanted to share how I made this crochet octopus phone cozy. It's more of a guide than a pattern, so you can create it to fit your own phone. If you want to make this as a gift for someone, you'll just need to find out their phone model and then you can look up the dimensions.

Materials & Tools:
  • Worsted weight yarn in a main color for the octopus and contrasting color for the mouth. 
  • E/3.5mm hook
  • Button
  • Yarn needle
  • Embroidery needle
  • If you want to crochet the eyes: worsted weight yarn in black.
  • If not: black felt and a hot glue gun. 

Cozy Pattern:

1. Chain the width (not circumference) of the phone. If the phone is thick, add a few extra chains.

2. Skip the first chain from the hook, single crochet to the end. 

3. Then rotate your work to crochet on the bottom of the foundation chain, single crochet to the end. Make sure to crochet over the yarn tail as you go along. Now you have a long oval shape. 

4. You can work in spirals or in joined rounds, whichever you prefer. Make single crochet rounds or rows until it measures the height of the phone. Slip stitch a couple times if you worked in rounds to make the top even. Fasten off and weave in the end.

5. Lay the cozy flat and sew a button in the center a few rows down from the top.

6. Now make a chain loop closure on the top center of the row on the other side. Make a slipknot and chain into the stitch on the right side of the button. Make a chain that is long enough to go down and over the bottom snugly. Then skip a stitch or two and slip stitch into the next stitch. Weave in all the ends.

Eyes (Make 2):

If crocheting eyes: 
Make a simple 6 stitch circle made of half double crochet or single crochet. Then sew them on. 

If you want to make them out of felt: 
Cut out circles and hot glue them on.


12 single crochet into a magic ring, keeping a small hole in the center. Fasten off and sew it on the center of the cozy between the eyes.

Tentacles (Make 4 or more?):

4 tentacles is good because we can just pretend the other 4 are hiding in the back! But if you'd like to have more, get a ruler and place pins to evenly divide sections by how many tentacles you want.

1. Make a chain of the width of the tentacle and subtract about 2-3 chains because you'll be crocheting an edging all around when you're done.

2. Single crochet in rows until it's about 1"/2.5cm or to your desired length. 

3. Single crochet along the sides and bottom of the rows to make a finished edge. Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing.

4. Sew onto the bottom of the long side of the cozy through both crochet layers. Repeat for all tentacles. Weave in all the ends.

DONE!! ~~

If you make this, please share it in the comments! We've love to see it! :)

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