For some reason I've been addicted to making bracelets with a design on the back of the hand with an attached ring. I get so much more inspired to create things when I can combine different materials together. I wanted to make a stretchy bracelet but also be able to have an unique pendant via wire wrapping.

I really like the one of a kind nature of wrapping crystals and stones, you just do what feels right for each piece rather than having a design in mind and following it exactly. That's what I was thinking about when I was making this butterfly bracelet.


I tried using a mix of different type of beads in pink and purple colors. I also added some of my seed beads onto some of the jump rings for extra color but also of course to use up those leftovers beads.

I used the butterfly shape from this Butterfly Brooch tutorial as a reference to start and then improvised the rest to make it the way I wanted. Then I added the beads in the top wing parts by wrapping the wire onto the top outer corners and pulling it down toward the body, wrapping it all around that area to keep it secure. For the bottom wings, I wanted to do something a little different from the top so I attached a jump ring with seed beads on it. When I finished making the rest of the bracelet, I put the light pink crystal bead on the center of the body to make it pop.

Turquoise stones:

This was inspired by this bracelet that I found on Pinterest. I wanted to make another bracelet with a ring but with the turquoise beads on the back of the hand. I also wanted to keep it a simple design (unlike the butterfly one!).

I just put the beads on a gold wire and wire wrapped loops on each end. I made the chains out of small jump rings and attached a clasp.

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