Flamingo Etsy Finds

Since I love flamingos, I thought it was about time that I do an Etsy Finds on them! Here is a "small" ish collection of my favorites. 

Make sure to check out the other items in their shops because they all have a variety of unique and awesome items!! By the way, not just flamingos. (If you aren't much of a fan of pink birds haha)

Liliana Flamingo Doll by ilkahandmade

I would have loved having this when I was younger because I was a flamingo plush hoarder. But hey, I'm trying to start up my collection again though... hint hint anyone? ;)

Pink Flamingo Coffee Mug

These flamingos are oddly cute and that's why this mug is perfect.

Flamingo Handpainted Teapot

Flamingos and teapots-- Another great combination. I'd love to have a matching tea set!!! 

Pretty Flamingo Pinup Hair Clip

This is beautiful! The color scheme is unique. I love pinup hair clips even though I never wear them.

Floral Flamingo Print by MoxKids

I love art of floral designs with animals and these soft colors are so perfect.

Flamingo on Green Frame Purse by octopurse

A cute little frame purse with adorable flamingos on it. Do I need to say more? ;)

I love wrap bracelets and this shade of pink!

If you know of any other cute flamingo stuff (not just on Etsy), feel free to share them in the comments because I'd love to see more. :D


  • Which ones are your favorites? For me, it would have to be all. ;)
  • Are you going to check out their other items because they really are super awesome?? 
  • Do you want to see an Etsy Finds on a specific animal? Which ones?

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