Mini Wire Wrapped Dreamcatchers

I've wanted my own dreamcatcher for a while and making one seemed like a great way to use up scraps of fabric, yarn, and extra beads. The only thing that really prevented me from trying to make them is not having any embroidery hoops and never remembering to buy them when I went to a craft store.

While I was looking for seed bead bracelet ideas on Pinterest, I came across some wire wrapped dreamcatcher jewelry. I didn't really consider wire wrapping a hoop before because I wasn't sure how well it'd hold up.

So I made a small one out of 20 gauge and 24 gauge wires.

I put some amethyst stones, various pink and purple yarns I had around, and a silver kitty on the moon charm on it.

I used a few of these pink/black beads in the center and at the end of the wires with the amethyst stones.

I really like the colors of it! I'd like to make a larger one but I'm going to wait for embroidery hoops for that. Just something this small about 2"-3" in diameter is such a wire eater. I don't want to use up all my wires in just a few projects. ;P

After I finished that one, I wanted to try to make smaller ones for more practice and also use up some of my earring findings & more seed beads. This time I put turquoise beads onto the wire while I was wrapping it. These are about 1.5" in diameter. I think if I were to make more earring ones, I'd make them even smaller than that because the yarn tickles my shoulder.

I'm a little obsessed with pink, blue, green, and purple color combinations.

What color combination should I make next?

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