The Creature That Lives In the Cloud's Rose Garden

I'm not sure if I've ever painted on canvas before because it's pricey. I didn't want to worry about wasting a canvas if it came out in a way that I didn't like. Obviously, the only way to go about it is to just paint something for fun and to paint stuff that I like even if I've drawn it a bajillion times before!

I had purple butterflies on my mind. Then the flowers came and an animal friend had to be there too... but I couldn't decide on one so it began as a cat and quickly morphed into a fox owl butterfly.

Here is a progress shot with some random purple spots that were contributed by a toddler who was wondering if the paint was still wet ;D

(The ninja turtle is drawn by my fancy pants husband -> www.jnmolina.com)

I improvised the rest as I went along:

It was a bit difficult to do small details because I didn't have any tiny brushes so I decided to clean it up by inking it.

And here's a close up:

Have you worked on anything lately?

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