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Akuma Press dark magic pin

I was browsing Instagram a few weeks ago when this pin grabbed my eye. Akuma Press made a Dark Magic Pin series that features a web design for the Sailor Moon compact and wand! I really loved the web compact and ordered the one in black/silver.

credit https://akumapress.com/products/dark-magic-pins

It's also available in black/gold and silver/white. It's super cute! I thought it would match with what I have on my desk :D
Akuma Press dark magic pinAkuma Press dark magic pin
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Okalan Glowing Palette Shimmers Kit in Sunshine

Okalan Glowing Palette in Sunshine
Okalan Glowing Palette in Sunshine

I only started to use highlighter earlier this year. I also have a few ELF products but that's it as for as a highlighter collection. I was tempted to get some of the glow kits that were on sale but I already went overboard with black friday shopping. This palette is available on Hush for $12. The front packaging I'm not a huge fan of. I wish they had kept it simple. I filmed the swatches so you can see how it looks under some (LED) light!

I used Moonshine to match my eyeshadow look but... it doesn't come across much pink though.

Okalan highlighter kit in MoonshineOkalan Glowing Palette Shimmers Kit swatches
Okalan Glowing Palette Shimmers Kit swatches

These highlighters remind me of ELF quality. Though I think ELF has more pigment off of one swipe. I had to pack the color a few times to get it to show. It's very pretty!

Amorous looks so dark in the pan but it applies lighter. Glit would be a good bronze color for my summer shade. Glimmer looks pretty close as a dupe for Wet N Wild's Megaglow in Precious Petals (my favorite!)

This kit is perfect for a beginner or someone wanting to expand their highlighter collection. I only own a few which are either silver or peachy.  I don't think I would have bought any pink highlighters because I assumed it wouldn't have looked right on me.


Review: Bad Habit Athena and Aphrodite palettes

Bad Habit Athena and Aphrodite PaletteI found out about Bad Habit weeks ago from Reddit. I really wanted to buy Athena but it was sold out on Hush. There was a recent relaunch of it along with their Aphrodite palette which is only available through their app. I managed to pick up other palettes as well so I'll share those once I get some use out of it! Both of these are cruelty-free. You can view the ingredients here.

-5 neutral mattes: Valour, Purity, Truth, Heroic and Clever
-3 bright mattes: Justice, Lore and Power
-6 pearl shimmers: Fierce, Triumph, Divine, Cunning, Wisdom and Prize
-3 duochrome topper shades: Gleam, Epic and Medusa
-1 glitter: Daring

Bad Habit Aphrodite palette swatches
I prefer blended swatches over packing on color because that's just not how you use it on your lid.

I wanted Huda's desert dusk palette but there's no way I would drop $65 for that.  I found out Bad Habit makes dupe palettes. This was only $12! My favorite shades are the duochrome toppers. The mattes seem to perform better with this palette than the ones in Aphrodite. The mattes are not the best but it's buildable. The shimmers are super creamy. I would recommend applying it damp with a finger instead of a brush. These swatches have no primer underneath.

I've never used glitter so I couldn't do a proper swatch/look with glitter glue. I'm also not comfortable putting chunks of glitter near my eyes. It is a pretty color though!

Bad Habit Aphrodite palette swatches
Bad Habit Aphrodite palette swatches
Bad Habit Aphrodite palette eye look Purity, Truth, Clever, Justice and Epic.

-4 soft mattes: Coy, Admire, Passion and Blushing
-6 bright to dark mattes: Flirt, Lust, Romance, Seduction, Jealously and Heartbeak
-3 neutral shimmers: Tease, Infatuation and Euphoria
-4 bright shimmers: Sparks, Adore, Beauty and Love

Bad Habit Aphrodite palette

The mattes are really soft and look pigmented until you blend it out. For these shades, I had to do two swipes. Passion was at the top for patchiness. Admire and Jealously are similar in patchiness but have better pigment. These mattes need some work but it's not a huge loss. I think the shimmers are the best because of how pigmented it is off one swipe and it's super smooth.

Aphrodite is a dupe for Huda's Rose Gold palette.

Bad Habit Aphrodite palette
Bad Habit Aphrodite palette

Both of these palettes are affordable and wonderful dupes. My favorite palette would have to be Athena just because of the color selection and matte performance. If you absolutely hate fall out, you won't like these!

When I first heard about Hush, I immediately thought of counterfeit makeup. That was just my assumption based on their Facebook ads. Well, I was wrong. It's a legit shop. I would recommend downloading the app and adding in your information in preparation for the next relaunch. Right now, Aphrodite is in stock and Athena isn't.


Spirited Away Dress

Has it been over a year since my last outfit post? Probably longer. I'm going to slowly start to creep in once in awhile just to share a few things. I occasionally still post on IG though.

I got this dress about two weeks ago from Hot Topic because of a sale going on. I managed to pick up two more dresses that I may photograph later. Spirited Away is one of my favorite movies and I love No Face. Couldn't stop myself from getting it.

This dress normally goes for $59.90 but I scored it for $36. Looks like you can get it for even cheaper at $25 now.

There were mixed reviews on the website but looks like all are missing. I match to the larger set of measurements on a size Small. I fit decent in the dress. It's a form fitting dress so I have to step into it haha. The downsizes: this waistband has no stretch and the arms are slightly tight. A size up might be way more comfortable to wear!


Flamingo Finds

I've found some cute and interesting flamingo things and here are the top 5:

Flamingo Pin by Luella

Flamingo Cushion by Taaran

Miniature Embroidery Flamingo Necklace  by PixiecraftHandmade 

Flamingo Bracelet by WorldofMinimalistic

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