Squittle Amigurumi {announcement}

♥ ♥ LISTED! ♥ ♥

These are the new ones I made! Crochet and knit tentacles. Pastel colors just in time for Spring and a hot pink one thrown in :D  I love that each one is slightly different. These will be going on Squittle fairly soon :D

There is an announcement on our facebook page~ that we are having a sale on select items:
20% -40% off! 

I LOVE that these babies stay up on their own! Except for those knit squids. Those are the sleepy ones :B

NEW item by Anda is this nautilus plush! More items will be coming soon and we are combining shipping if you buy from the sale! :)

Please check out these links!! ♥ ♡ ♥


Squids or Octos?
We got a request for the nautilus! Do you have any requests?

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