Designing Your Own Amigurumi: Use the basics creatively!

Amigurumi are sculptures made of fabric. Typically, an amigurumi consists of basic shapes of body parts: head, body, arms, legs. And depending on the design, most would make the head in a sphere/circle shape & the body, arms, and legs in a cylinder/oval/tube shape.

There's many shapes you can make for your amigurumi and there's a few different ways to make each shape, in the round (3D) or flat (2D). You need to be familiar with increases and decreases and how to use them together to create the shape you want.

You might also want to look into learning more stitches. There's short stitches, tall stitches, and more advanced/decorative ones. More complex shapes may not be the predictable even increases or decreases but a combination of increases, decreases, small stitches, tall stitches, etc.

You really just need to experiment. To get a good understanding of techniques, you need to practice. You need to know the basics and apply them creatively.

It's essential to write out what you've done if you need more than one piece and want them to match or even plan to make more of this amigurumi.

Here's something I came across a few years ago that might help you get some ideas:

Check out the Sculptural Crochet Primer article on www.supernaturale.com

This is basically my process:

I like to start off with rough sketches of the amigurumi design, then I figure out about how big I want it, and then I break it up into it's basics shapes. I'll have the pattern mostly figured out and I'll usually need to make some adjustments as I crochet along. For the rest of the design like the details such as the face: I'll doodle, write notes, and try a few different things before deciding which I like the best.

Made in April 2012.

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