Puff Stitch Video

I received a couple of questions about the stitches in the puff stitch hat. The video is for the puff stitch itself and the photo tutorial is for a decrease puff stitch.

The first puff stitch round is easy until you are greeted with holes (spaces) in the next round.

Focus on the loop on top of each puff stitch. There's where you put your puff stitches and increase (two puffs in one!)

If you are having difficulties crocheting through a tight stitch, go into that space instead! (even I cheated)

Yarn over and insert the hook into the front loop of a puff stitch.

Yarn over and pull through the remaining loops.

Puff stitch:
Yarn over, insert hook into the stitch, yarn over and pull thru 3 loops
*Yarn over, insert back into the stitch, yarn over and pull thru loops.*
(*repeat 3 more times)

Dec puff:
Yarn over, insert hook into front loop of the puff st then insert hook into the next st's front loop, yarn over and pull 3 loops thru.
Yarn over, pull 2 loops thru.

Hope this helps!

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