Amigurumi: Vulpix

I'm super proud of my latest amigurumi! It's a large Vulpix this time. I love that it can stand up by itself. I'm really loving that chibi look so probably won't tweak it next time. Remember how small my first one was?

I'm going to make Eevee next in the same style and then work my way up to the other Eeveelutions.  It's becoming easier for me to crochet my ideas out so I'm hoping for a huge improvement from my first Eevee!

I'm planning on making myself a set of my favorite Pokemon. I'll love to display it on my desk or something.  This one already got claimed before I even finished so I'll need to make another lol

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I decided to test out my hat pattern for a third time and possibly film the hard parts. I don't think I'm great at describing complicated bits since I'm more visual. Let me draw it out hahah I'm also making a new hat, a new design of something as a secret gift and some starter pokemon. It's my goal to actually use up my yarn.. just so I can get new pretty skeins to fill up my bins.

Shop announcement: I changed my shop name from Tiny Moon Co to Tiny Moon. Someone created a blog/shop using the same name and made social media accounts for it. I really didn't want to manage any extra accounts but thought it would be best to at least claim them.

So I'm @tinymoonshop on Twitter! I still own tinymoon.co but it'll link to my Tumblr instead.

Here's updated links:  Etsy: tinymoon.org, Instagram and Facebook.

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